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Museggmauer, Lucerne Overview

Museggmauer are the town walls, along the North of the Old Town which were built to fortify the city and protect it from invasion.

Built in the period from 1350 to 1408, these walls had watch towers built, a total of 9, to lookout over the wall. Of these, 5 were closed over the years for various reason and 4 are still open to the public, however during the warmer months. Some of these had roofs and some did not. Interestingly, all 9 towers were built in different architectural styles. The accessible towers from East to West are- the Schirmer tower, the Zyt tower, which became a clock tower since 1535, the Wacht tower, and the Mannli tower. The tower is open from 1st April to 1st November, when the towers are accessible.

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