Known as India's newest hill station, the Lavasa Corporation is constructing this private city. The city is a beautiful project, stylistically based on the Italian town Portofino. Spreading across 7 (Read More)hills, covering an area of 25000 acres, Lavasa is a perfect blend of beauty and infrastructure.

Here is the list of 7 Things to Do in Lavasa

1. Relax in Lavasa

Relax in Lavasa
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Being a hill station, Lavasa is best known for its beauty. Taking a walk around the well-planned city is a must before indulging in other activities. It boasts of beautiful natural beauty and recreational activities on its platter. The lake in Lavasa offers incredible sights as well as a plethora of activities to choose from. 

2. Lakeshore Watersports

Lakeshore Watersports

Lakeshore Watersports are available at Town Hall in Lavasa. The place offers a plethora of watersports including kayaking, pedal boating, luxury cruising, jet skiing, bumper boats, water volleyball etc.

3. Cycle Around the Lakeside Promenade

Cycle Around the Lakeside Promenade

Lakeside Promenade is a tourist attraction in the privately modelled city of Lavasa near Pune in the Western Ghats. The promenade has a variety of eateries and food options. It alsoo facilitates boating. The place is also ideal for cycling or simply strolling around.

4. Picnic Spot - Temghar Dam

Picnic Spot - Temghar Dam

Temghar Dam is a massive dam built on the river Muthu 40 kms from Pune. A major source of water supply to the city, the dam also offers an enticing panoramic view of the Temghar reservoir and the city. The beautiful site is used as a local picnic spot both by the tourists and the locals.

5. Learn Bamboo Production at Bamboosa

Learn Bamboo Production at Bamboosa

Bamboosa is a cultural centre in Lavasa highlighting the important and relevance of bamboo products. The hill station is surrounded by forests replete with bamboo trees and so it is an initiative to popularize the products of bamboo and provide employment to the rural locals at the same time.

6. Waterfall Safari

Waterfall Safari

While the waterfalls are a famous tourist attraction in Lavasa, there is a safari trail on the hill station that takes you around the lush greens of the place. There are many Gypsy available that take you around the waterfalls in towns of Dasve, Dhamanhole and Mugaon.
There are various packages available with different operators that you can buy and enjoy a safari ride.

7. Visit Chor BIzzare Restaurant

Visit Chor BIzzare Restaurant

There are many restaurants, cafeterias and diners all over the city. One can also find many bars and lounges to have a relaxing end to a tiring day. Some of the city's most famous places to eat are Chor Bizzare, Orient 8 and the All American Diner.  Chor Bizzare is known for its wide range of options for street food and North Indian cuisines.

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