What is the best time to visit Kumaon?

October to December and March to May are the best months to visit Kumaon. While January and February are good for those who wish to experience snowfalls. June is quite hot, while July onwards, Kumaon receives lots of rains which makes commuting quite difficult in the area. Spring to summer is the ideal time to visit Kumaon when the skies are clear the temperature is just perfect for all the sightseeing, and the scenery makes for some really lovely photographic memoirs. What's more, the tourism in summers is more active in spring-summer here, so you may be able to score good bargains on travel, stay and sightseeing deals, if you plan to have a properly chalked out trip. Summers make it easier for you to explore the valleys on your own, from morning to evenings, without worrying about having a frostbite.

Weather in Kumaon


Upcoming Kumaon Weather

Monthly Weather in Kumaon

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 16°/ 8° 12 days
February 19°/ 10° 4 days
March 23°/ 13° 9 days
April 29°/ 18° 6 days
May 35°/ 21° 1 days
June 35°/ 23° 9 days
July 29°/ 22° 27 days
August 28°/ 22° 28 days
September 27°/ 20° 27 days
October 27°/ 17° 3 days
November 25°/ 15° 1 days
December 18°/ 9° 3 days

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Kumaon in Monsoon (July - September)

Monsoon season in Kumaon lasts from the month of June to the month of September. During this season the temperature may remain the same as the summer or even become hotter due to increase in humidity. Kumaon also receives an average amount of rainfall during these monsoon months.
Monsoon Season, Kumaon, Almora

Kumaon in Winter (October - February)

The winter season in Kumaon lasts from October to February. It is in October that the monsoon starts to fade away and there is a slight chill in the atmosphere. During these months the temperatures are prone to falls to sub-zero levels while the highest the temperature can go is 20 degree Celsius. The winter season is greeted with cold weather conditions that most definitely require individuals to layer up. Snowfall is also a common occurrence during these months, and during December and January, some may also witness clear starry skies. This time, specifically the months of October and November, is also unique as it is when the cherry trees in this region blossom and form a magical atmosphere.
Winter Season, Kumaon Hills

Kumaon in Summer (March - June)

The summer season in Kumaon lasts from March to June. During the summer, Kumaon receives an average temperature of 20 degree Celsius to 35 degree Celsius, and the weather remains reasonably warm. The warm and cosy weather provides the perfect opportunity to go for treks, walks, or partake in adventure activities offered by the region. Visitors may also witness the blooming of the vivid Rhododendrons which colour the fields during this time of the year. This is the peak time of family vacations in this area.
Summer Season, Kumaon, Nainitaal

Events in Kumaon

Nanda Devi Fair

26th August - 1st September

Organised all over Uttarakhand, the Nanda Devi Fair attracrs visitors from all over the country. You can go to Almora, Nainital, Ranikhet or any of the far flung villages, and you will find it celebra (Read More)ted in a different manner.

Tiger Spotting at Jim Corbett National Park

December - May

The oldest tiger reserve in India, Corbett comprises marshes, hills, riverine belts and lakes. The best chance to get a spotting of the elusive Tiger is during winter months. You should avoid going du (Read More)ring monsonns as most zones are closed, and even the ones which are open are subject to cancellation depending upon weather conditions.

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Kumaon, Uttarakhand
Narayan Ashram - Spiritual Cum Socio Educational Centre
Snow-Capped Panchchuli Peaks, Kumaon
Maa Nanda Devi Mandir Decorated with the Lights

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