What is the best time to visit Naukuchiatal?

Naukuchiatal experiences warm summer but in a pleasant way. The cool breeze in the evening can lift up your spirits. Stretching from the month of March to June, the maximum temperature goes up to 30 degrees Celcius. Monsoon season in the village faces moderate rainfall with a hint of newness and greenery in the environment. However, it is best advised to avoid travelling during monsoon which ends during the month of September. Winter season is cool with temperature ranging from 0 to 20 degrees Celcius. With a breath of fresh air, winters may also witness heavy snowfall. Heavy woolens are recommended for this season which extends up to the month of February.

Weather in Naukuchiatal


Upcoming Naukuchiatal Weather

Monthly Weather in Naukuchiatal

Month Avg. Minimum (°C) Avg. Maximum (°C)
January 7 16
February 10 20
March 13 23
April 19 29
May 21 31
June 22 31
July 22 29
August 23 29
September 22 28
October 18 26
November 13 22
December 9 18

Naukuchiatal in Winter (September - February)

The winter slowly starts settling in September which makes it a very lovable month to visit. Perfect weather for honeymooner and lovers to kindle and rekindle their romance. However, after September and mid-October, it starts becoming really cold. If you want to experience the chilly weather, it's the best time to visit.

Naukuchiatal in Monsoon (July - August)

Monsoon is not an ideal time to visit this place. The area does witness moderate rainfalls but due to the hilly region it becomes prone to landslides and slippery roads which might make travelling a wee bit dangerous.

Naukuchiatal in Summer (March - June)

Summer in Naukuchiatal is very different from the ones experienced in other parts of India. A weather which is usually hated becomes the most loved one in this place. The temperature can go up to maximum 30 degrees Celcius here. The weather just adds to the beauty of this place, enjoying the lake with a glistening glow of the sun. Summer time is also great for adventure sports.

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