How to Reach Kuala Kangsar

Kuala Kangsar is easily accessible by North-South Expressway and the train. Sultan Abdul Jalil Shah Bridge and Sultan Iskandar Bridge connects it to the nearby town.

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How to reach Kuala Kangsar by train

Jln Sultan Idris is the main train station of Kuala Kangsar, located 1.5km northwest of the city centre. Regular trains are available to all the nearby major towns. For latest fares and schedules, check

How to reach Kuala Kangsar by bus

Kuala Kangsar is very much accessible by bus. Several inter-city buses run to Kuala Kangsar. There are frequent local buses running between Ipoh and Kuala Kangsar too.

Local transport in Kuala Kangsar

A small town, Kuala Kangsar can be easily explored on foot. Hiring a taxi or renting a car is recommended for visiting the attractions located a little far from the city centre.

Kuala Kangsar Photos

Kuala Kangsar
Ubudiah Mosque is regarded as the most beautiful mosque in Malaysia
Istana Kenangan, now popular as the Royal Museum of Perak
Sultan Iskandar Bridge, built over River Perak

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