Food of Kozhikode

With a blend of Arab and Malabar cuisine, Kozhikode is famous for its meat dishes and desserts. A connoisseur of food should never miss, Erachi Pathiri (soft rice bread with meat fillings) and Erachi/Meat curry, Kuzhi Mandhi (prawns, mutton, chicken and fish), Kozhikode pav bhaji(special chicken gravy fillings) and Aradika (rice flour and mussel). If you are a vegetarian, you could always opt for the option of traditional Kerala Sadhya. A concoction of mussels in rice flour cooked in the shell called Arikadaka is equally special. Another thing that should make it to your list of desserts is Calicut Halwa available across many bakeries. Biryanis are cooked delicately, and Kozhikode famous for its Malabar style recipe. 

Aval milk(beaten rice, nuts, fruits and milk), Sulaimani( black tea with a punch of lemon) and kulukki sarbath(special lemonade with fruit flavour and khus khus) are the unique renowned drinks. Kozhikode is also famous for its snacks varieties like Adda(wheat or rice roll with coconut and sugar filling) and Pazham nirachathu( banana fry coconut filling), Mutta Mala and Mutta Surka (sweets made of egg) and chatti pathiri(soft rice bread with sweet nut fillings).

Here are the top 7 restaurants in Kozhikode:

1. Beach Hotel

2.0 /5
Beach Road, Mananchira, Kozhikode, Kerala - 673032, India 
7 AM - 10:30 PM
INR 85-250

This bamboo hut restaurant and bar serves a large range of non-vegetarian food items, mainly fish and chicken dishes, all cooked in accordance with the local, Malabari style,

2. Dawn Restaurant

2.0 /5
Malabar Place, Manuelsons Building, G.H.Road, Kozhikode, Kerala 673001 
INR 100-400

Located inside Hotel Malabar, this restaurant has a wide variety of dishes from various cuisines, which includes the local, Keralite delicacies.

3. Paragon Restaurant

2.0 /5
Kannur Road, Near CH Flyover, Calicut, Kozhikode, Kerala - 673001, India 
11:45 AM - Midnight
INR 50-220

Founded in 1939, this eatery is always packed with customers, and hence finding a seat can get extremely difficult. It's famous for its seafood curries and dishes.

4. Hotel Sagar

2.0 /5
Mavoor Road, Puthiyara, Near KSRTC Bus Stand, Kozhikode, Kerala - 673004, India 
6 AM - 2 AM
INR 80-250

Several vegetarian and non-vegetarian options are served at this stylish restaurant, including the very tasty Fish biryani.

5. Coffee Beanz

3.0 /5
Red Cross Rd,Near Tagore Centenary Hall,Mananchira,Kozhikode, Kerala 673032 
12 PM - 12 AM
INR 40-180

A part of the popular Coffee shop chain, this cafe offers the usual varieties of coffee at decent rates. Also, do check out the snack options and the value-for-money lunchtime special meals.

6. M-Grill

4.0 /5
3rd floor, Focus Mall, Rajaji Road,Kozhikode, Kerala 673004 
11 AM - 11 PM
INR 400-800

In a town which has abundance of tasty local food but very little choice of authentic international dishes, MGRILL is a welcome change. With a good ambiance, MGRILL is certainly a compelling visit. Among the preferences Chicken Portobello and Balsamic Chicken are favorites. The Chocolate Lava cake is also quite nice.

7. Mezban

4.0 /5
Asma Tower, Mavoor Road,Kozhikode, Kerala 673004 
Kerala, Seafood
INR 400-800

Without any doubt, Mezban is one of the best affordable restaurants in Kozhikode. Serving varieties right from beef to fish, Mezban will amaze you, every moment. Having the best ambiance in Kozhikode, it is perfect for a romantic dinner with your partner too. It is a must visit if you are planning to eat outside.

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