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Kappad Beach, Kozhikode Overview

Pondicherry is not the only seashore with European history, the Kappad Beach in Kerala is infamous for being the destination of Vasco Da Gama, the famous Portuguese explorer. It is the shore that made the explorer the first to reach India by sea. Today, Kappad is one of the most scenic beaches India has to offer. It is lined with palm trees and sedimentary rocks that decorate the shore and give any visitor a serene feeling. The idyllic beach is apt for rejuvenation of body and soul. 

Since 1498, Kappad became a very important port with regard to trade between Europe and Asia. It was this voyage of Vasco Da Gama that led to the establishment of a permanent route for the Europeans to reach India. This beach was the reason for the Spice route to exist. Kappad beach is presently in the district of Kozhikode and is also known as Kappakkadavu. The beach is perfect for swimming, boating, beach games and activities with your loved ones. The beach also provides activities like Paragliding, Snorkelling and Surfing for adventure seekers or just anyone who wants to try something new.

Kerala is famous for its rivers, and their backwater inlets and Kappad does not disappoint if you want to experience these toHouseboatsats are available to reach Kappad through the backwaters to ensure that one enjoys every element that is true to Kerala and its roots. This beach is the place you want to be to experience culture, history and nature all at once. The silver sand, the drooping coconut trees that line the shore and the rocks that clash with the waves proves that Kappad abounds with untouched natural beauty. Along with the Pookat Lake and Kadalundi Bird Santuary, Kappad makes your visit to Kozhikode a completely enthralling and rejuvenating one. 

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Things To Do at Kappad Beach

The Kappad beach has so much to offer in terms of activities. The tides of the beach make it the perfect place to catch some waves and surf. And in case you do not know how to, you could always sign up for the classes in advance, ensuring you utilise your stay in Kozhikode to the most. You can not afford to miss swimming in Kappad. If you are travelling in a group, beach games are the best way to spend your time on the Kappad Beach. In and around Kappad Beach, activities like Snorkelling and Paragliding are also very popular. You can get good deals on them if you book in advance.

To ensure that you do not miss out on any part of Kappad, you can hire a houseboat to reach. The backwaters on which the houseboats row lead to near the beach, which showcase how various forms of water meet and thrive. Enjoying the backwater whose bed is lined with tropical trees and shrubs and then meeting the majestic sea and witnessing its enthralling beauty is a divine experience.

History of Kappad Beach

After a 26-day long journey from the shore of Malindi, Kenya; Vasco Da Gama landed on the shores of Kappad Beach. This was his first voyage, and it was aimed at finding the 'Land of Spices'- India. On arriving at the shore of Kerala, Vasco Da Gama and his fleet were welcomed with open arms. They received traditional hospitality and a grand procession which included at least 3000 armed Nairs.

On hearing the arrival of the foreign explorers, the Samudiri who was staying in Ponnani returned to Calicut- the capital of the kingdom. Despite the very grand reception of the fleet, the interview between Vasco Da Gama and the Samudiri did not go well and strained their relationship. Vasco Da Gama was asked to pay customs in gold, and the gifts he got for the ruler were considered less. Yet, it was one of the most successful expeditions of Vasco Da Gama as he returned with the cargo worth sixty times more than the cost of the expedition and a permanent route for the trade of spices in the future.

If not for the shores of Kappad, Calicut would not have been established as one of the major ports in Asia. Every act of trade with Europe and Africa happened through these shores. History is proof that the Kappad beach is a place of importance. The sands of the shore radiate with all the events that happened on them, the people who walked past the waves to make new connections. Kappad is a very serene place and a pivotal landmark in the contribution to Indian and World history.

Tips For Visiting Kappad Beach

Keep a note of low and high tides before splashing into the waters of the beach.

How To Reach Kappad Beach

The Kappad beach is about 35 kilometres from the Kozhikode Railway Station. Buses constantly run to and fro from the main city of Kozhikode. Cabs can also be hired to reach the beach. Houseboats that start from the Kozhikode backwaters also come to Kappad Beach.

You can also reach the beach by stopping at Thiruvangoor on National Highway 66 (Old 17) between Kozhikode and Vatakara.

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