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Kozhikode Beach, Kozhikode Overview

Kozhikode Beach is also known as the Calicut Beach and is situated on the Malabar Coast. The beach road was named as 'Gandhi Road' after Mahatma Gandhi paid a visit to Calicut in 1934. The place has always been prominent for hosting public meetings. It has a long drive from Beypore in the south to Kappad in the north. The beach is ideal for witnessing the orange sunsets in Calicut. Also, the market near is a large shopping spot and attracts a lot of tourists. 

It is the most visited beach in Calicut as it is the central beach of the place. As a result of the 28 km long drive; Beypore, Payyanakkal, and Marad; Kallayi, Kuttichira and Thekkeppuram; Vellayil, South Beach and Valiyangadi; Kamburam, Putiyappa and Elathur, all beaches are a part of the Calicut Beach or the Kozhikode Beach. This entire stretch is known as the Beach Road. Located on the western side of Kozhikode town, the beach is easily accessible through 4 roads over bridges in the city. Kozhikode beach has ample illumination and paving stones.

The other attractions here include a Lion's Park and an aquarium, which serve as excellent spots for children visiting the beach. It is open on all days of the week from 8:00 AM till 8:00 PM. The gorgeous beach is also home to two piers, situated towards the middle of the sea. Each of these piers dates back to a century ago. The evenings spent here are delightful as one can witness the giant tides engulfing the orange-hued sky during sunset. The tranquil atmosphere during sunrise and sunset attracts a lot of locals as well as travellers. In the early hours of the morning, people can even spot some real-life dolphin shows. It is a great spot for food lovers and photography enthusiasts. The rhythmic flow of the Arabian Sea is a delight to the eyes and soul.

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Things to do at Kozhikode Beach

Cherootty Road: This is the most loved spot for people who are crazy shopaholics. From branded to export material everything is available here.The Silk Street and the Court Road runs parallel to Cherootty Road.
Big Bazaar: Big Bazaar is located on the southern side of the beach near Valiyangad which is a part of Kozhikode Beach. It has one Gujarathi Street and a Halwa Street in this locality.
Water Activities: Swimming, diving, and boating here give a breathtaking view of Calicut's coastline. Water Skiing, Paragliding, Snorkeling and Jet Skiing are some water sports giving you the goosebumps on your visit.
Light House: It is ideal for viewing the beautiful sunsets at the Kozhikode Beach. It provides the beach with an ancient and rustic look. 
Food: The beach is also famous for a range of scrumptious seafood delicacies. The Kozhikode beach is surrounded by a plethora of accommodation options, restaurants, shacks and spas for the relaxation and entertainment of the travellers. The most famous delicacy here is the Kallumekaya (mussels). Keep your eyes wide open at the dolphin point or take a dip in the refreshing water.

Attractions Near Kozhikode Beach

The major attractions and landmarks near the Kozhikode beach include Barami Masjid, Santhwanam NGO, Gandhi Peace Foundation, All India Radio, Corporation Office, Thodiyil Shree Bhagawathy Temple, Gurajathi School, St.Josephs Boys School and District Court of Kozhikode. Mishkal Masjid is another attraction nearby which holds a significant spiritual value. This 700-year-old mosque has 47 doors and 24 pillars and is large enough to accommodate 400 people. It is adorned with substantial intricate carvings and depicts the ancient charm. Nalam Gate hosts another posh locality nearby, which is home to various shopping outlets, cafes and restaurants.

History of Kozhikode Beach

The city of Kozhikode is known for its old world charm and natural beauty. About a hundred years ago, this beach area was the centre of the town along with Valiyangadi. Valiyangadi was the place where the foreign traders like the Europeans and the Arabs brushed shoulders, a few centuries ago. Further, during the 1970s, Mananchira became the downtown which was then followed by the Mavoor Road in 1980s. Finally later in the 2010s till the present day, Palazhi on the Airport Road and Thondayad Bypass Area became the centre and the ultimate spot to enjoy the nightlife.

The Kozhikode beach has a prominent position in the history of Calicut as it functioned as a major trading port of the city. The old crumbling piers have stood here since 19th century against the crashing waves, still withholding their strength. It is also known as the port where Vasco Da Gama landed first landed, and the legendary spice route came into existence.

Best Time To Visit Kozhikode Beach

Since Kerala experiences extreme climate, the summer months are sweltering here. Calicut exhibits a pleasant weather during September till May. The months after May experience a somewhat humid climate. Hence, September to May is the ideal time to visit Kozhikode Beach.

Tips For Visiting Kozhikode Beach

1. Don't forget to carry your sunscreen, hats and swimming suits along.
2. Make sure to carry a waterproof camera in case you plan to go for the water sports here.
3. Accompany your kids and toddlers around the beach always.

How To Reach Kozhikode Beach

Corporation Bus Stop is the nearest to the Kozhikode beach. You can either take a bus or a private cab to reach here. It is located at a short distance of 3 km from the main railway station of Kozhikode. The city is well connected to the neighbouring towns of Kerala and hence can be easily reached via train. The nearest airport is the Calicut International Airport which lies at a distance of 29 km.

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