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"The Phoenix of Vietnam War"

Pleiku Tourism

Also known as the war city, Pleiku is the capital of Gia Lai province in Vietnam. The city has become the hub for tourists in Vietnam. This central highland offers a range of places to see, visit and eat. Famous for its cuisine and military campaign in 1965, Pleiku should especially be visited during the dry season from November to April. This allows visitors to take a better look at the beauty of central highland region which are usually covered by heavy rainfall that limit their outing opportunities.

The city of Pleiku falls between routes 14 and 19 on the National highway of Vietnam. This central highland has some beautiful countryside wonders such as the Bien Ho Lake, a volcano crater in the outskirts of town and the Pho Cuong waterfall. The ethnic minorities living in this region is the main cause of attraction to tourists.However, visitors are required to have a travel permit and a tour guide to explore this city. Despite the growing business and industrial tourism in this city, Pleiku continues to preserve its rural beauty while catering to a national as well as international crowd.

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Places to See

  • Pleiku regularly holds cultural festivals such as Buffalo-Stabbing Festival and Leaving Tomb Festival. The Buffalo-Stabbing festival lasts 2-3 days where strong men of the village tie the buffalo to a tall bamboo pole at the middle of the ground and stab it. The meat is then shared among the villagers. This festival signifies the harvest season and occurs once a year.
  • The Leaving Tomb festival takes place after the Harvest season when a soul from the family passes away. During this three-day ritual, wooden statues around the tomb of the deceased soul are made and villagers sing and dance to bid their goodbyes.
  • Apart from that, Gia Lai Museum and the Minh Thanh Temple are also a few places that visitors can go to if they wish to gain a Vietnamese cultural experience.

History of Pleiku

Pleiku is well-known for its military contribution during the Vietnamese War (1965-1975). Pleiku was the central base for military supply and logistics. A military campaign was initiated in Pleiku in 1965 against the US armed presence in Camp Holloway. As a result, Pleiku was the center of many attacks between Vietnam and the US. With that, this central highland took part in many other battles, such as Khe Sanh, Hamburger Hill and Drang Valley. After that the Soviet Union sort to renew this military base, which is now known as modern Pleiku. Till date, places such as Minh Tanh Pagoda, Gia Lai Museum and Park Dong Xanh maintain the historical value that Pleiku holds.

Culture of Pleiku

The city is an amalgamation of rural as well as urban culture. Rooting out of Post Vietnam War, the settlements in and around Pleiku include Jarai villages, Bahnar village where people mainly use bamboo. In the Jarai village, one can see Hardwood statues, graveyards that depict different emotions and thoughts of this tribe. As for the Bahnar village, bamboo houses, communal houses, ceremonies signify “feeding on the dead” and aiding the journey to a new life. In contrast to this, the development of coffee, pepper and rubber industry has made the city more modern, bring in urban culture such as hotels, shops, night life, etc.

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Bien Ho Lake - Located at an altitude of over 8,000 m
Phu Cuong Waterfall - Picturesque Waterfall in Pleiku
Gia Lai Museum - Showcases the Rich Culture of The City

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FAQs on Pleiku

What is the best time to visit Pleiku?

The best time to visit Pleiku is during the dry season from November to April. This is because the windy, dry and cold weather allows people to enjoy the outdoor activities and places in this highland region. The monsoon season goes on for the rest of the month, making it inconvenient for visitors to enjoy their trip, especially during August and September when their is peak rainfall.
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What is the local food in Pleiku?

Vietnamese food is known for being exotic and different. The Pho Kho rice noodles in Pleiku are a speciality that everyone should try. It is a bowl full of soupy noodles along with either beef or chicken. It is famous at Ngoc Linh and Ngoc Soc and is served with fried onions on top with a plate of fresh vegetables and herbs. The types of coffee available in Pleiku are innumerable. Apart from this delicacies, there are other places where different types of Vietnamese food can be relished. These include My Tam, Tien Thanh, Quan Se San Xanh and Ga Nuong Plit.
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What are the places near Pleiku?

The top places near to Pleiku are Ho chi minh city which is 381 km from Pleiku, Hoi an which is located 213 km from Pleiku, Hue which is located 278 km from Pleiku, Nha trang which is located 233 km from Pleiku, Kon tum city which is located 40 km from Pleiku

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