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Tajpur, Kolkata Overview

Tucked between Mandarmani and Shankarpur, Tajpur is a small town set on the Bay of Bengal's tranquil shore, just 170 kms from Kolkata. Considered to be a serene secret of West Bengal, the virgin beach is hidden away from view and is still untouched by commercialization and tourism. The highlight of the pristine beach are the hundreds of red crabs that are found on the shores, which also give a perfect crimson colour to the beach.

Bereft of chaos and cacophony, it provides the perfect escape from the hustle-bustle of city life. Besides, unlike the usual crescent-shaped beaches, this one is an inverted crimson in shape. Fringed by dense eucalyptus, tamarisk and casuarina trees, the secluded beach is perfect for lazing on a hammock and spending some time in solitude amidst the sun, sea and sand.

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Activities to Do at Tajpur Beach

  1. Adventure Sports

    Tajpur Beach is also known for its plenitude of adventure sports and activities besides its spick and span beaches and pleasant climate. Out of the several adventure sports that you can try at the beach, the most popular ones are snorkelling, kayaking, parasailing, coastal biking, water zorbing, rafting, boating and fishing etc.
  2. Fish Farming and Ponds

    Pisciculture is vastly practiced in Tajpur. They have 1400 acres of land dedicated to pisciculture and fish farming. There are several bheris or fish ponds in the area where you can visit to take a look at the activity.
  3. Fishermen Villages

    There are also a number of fishing villages scattered around the beach. You can explore their culture and the rural lifestyle. You might even want to try some local food. It is definitely an enriching experience to have.
  4. Tajpur Nature Camp

    Tajpur Nature Camp is one of the best resorts near the beach. It provides you with a wholesome experience with a beachfront view and lush greenery all around. With a feel of a tropical beach hotel, the place also has an option for various adventure activities and bonfire camping.
  5. Food and Refreshments

    There are some shacks on the beach which sell amazing fish fry and cold beer. It is an amazing experience to gorge on delicious food while sipping cold beer with a bright view of the blue sea in front of you.

Attractions and Places to Visit near Tajpur Beach

  1. Digha

    Located at a distance of just 7 kms from Tajpur Beach, Digha is one of the major tourist attractions near the place. This one is also a beach town; however, unlike the Tajpur Beach, the beautiful beaches in Digha are forever crowded with tourists, photographers, fisherfolks and numerous shacks. If you want a lively encounter, you should definitely visit this place at the evening peak hours. Besides, the town also has a lot of temples and museums to its credit.
  2. Mandarmani

    Mandarmani is a topnotch seaside resort village, just 19 kms from Tajpur Beach. It is perhaps the longest motorable beach road in India and is full of dense plantations and tranquil shores. You can lie down and sunbathe at the golden shores or try the adventure sports. It is the most perfect place to beat the chaos and clutter of city life and relax and unwind.
  3. Shankarpur

    Shankarpur is another beautiful beachside town in West Bengal, 7 kms from Tajpur Beach. Known for its pristine beaches and the old world charm, the place is a popular fishing harbour. So if you want to experience the fisherfolk at work while relaxing on the tranquil shores, this is your go to place. You can even savour amazing seafood delicacies sold by vendors on the beach made with a fresh catch.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Tajpur Beach is at the onset of the winter season between the months of October and February when the climate is pleasant and the temperature is favourable. The mercury stays between 23 to 12 degrees celcius. On the other hand, monsoons are really heavy; this time is not ideal as the sea tides are high and the weather is humid. Similarly, the summer season is extremely hot and it is not advisable to visit here during the sultry summers as it might cause heat strokes.

How to Reach

The nearest airport to the Tajpur Beach is the Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport at a distance of 180 km. If you are coming by train, then all trains bound from Howrah towards Digha (except Duronto Express) stop at Ramnagar for a minute. From the railway station you can find public buses and rickshaws that can take you to the beach in about 15 minutes. Alternatively, if you are driving from Kolkata, take the Vidyasagar Setu road towards Kolaghat. Take a left from Nandakumar and right at Kanthi. Take another right at Chownkhola More and drive for about 4 kms. When you reach Alampur More, take a left and after around 3 kms you will reach the Tajpur Rickshaw Stand. In addition to this, state run regular buses ply from Esplanade and Garia.

How to reach Tajpur

  • Air: Nearest airport is at Kolkata which is 180 km from Tajpur and is well connected by road. You can easily hail a cab till Tajpur.

  • Rail: Nearest rail head is at Contai from where one can get an auto rickshaw till Tajpur.

  • Road: You can easily get bus for Tajpur from Kolkata alternatively you can catch a bus till Digha and then onto Tajpur.

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