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Jhargram, Kolkata Overview

Jhargram is small city located in the state of West Bengal with a rich historical and cultural background. Surrounded by dense forests this place is mystical. A perfect place to spend few days in the lap of nature surrounded by friendly tribal population, you are bound to be mesmerized not only by its picturesque beauty but by the gregarious people who inhabit this place. The chirpings of birds will make your heart swell with happiness and you will feel as if you are in paradise.


Jhargram was founded by Sarveshwar Singh of the Chauhan clan of Rajputs from Fatehpur Sikri in Rajputana. He became the king and called his capital Jhargram. Jhargram means a forest village circumscribed by canals and walls. The locals call it Ugal.


Jhargram is a place where humans live in harmony with the flora and fauna without any disturbance. The place is full of beautiful and thick trees and medicinal plants. A number of birds including some of the rare and migratory birds can be seen perched on these trees. The dense forests is home of many species like bear, peacock, rabbits.

Places to Visit

1. Chilkigarh Kanak Durga Temple

15 km away from Jhargram lays an ancient temple believed to be built in 1348. The temple was later reconstructed. The temple is surrounded by verdant trees and you will be able to easily spot monkeys around this place, so be careful. A serene river flows here namely Dulung River making the whole place pious.

2. Sabitri Mandir

At a distance of 3 km from Jhargram, a splendid temple built around 350 year ago is situated. The temple has intricate carvings and beautiful architecture. A lot of devotees come to pray and seek blessings in the temple.

3. Kendua

10 km from Jhargram there is a quaint village with the name Kendua. The village is a famous spot for bird watching. The village is replete with lush green trees amongst which birds are live and hide. A lot of migratory birds also migrate to this place and can be seen. The locals are very friendly and make sure you interact with some of them to get the essence of this place.

4. Medicinal Plant Garden

Known as Amlachoti Medicinal Plant Garden by the locals, this medicinal plant garden is filled with a number of plants that are used as medicines to treat people. The place is covered by trees and plants including trees full of fruits and a lot of plants that cure deadly diseases. It is the best place to spend some time around nature.

5. Ketki Falls

A beautiful waterfall named Ketki lies in the picturesque beauty of Jhargram. The fall is replete with water and the gushing of water provides the travelers with a spectacular view.

6. Tribal Museum

Tribal Museum in Jhargram is a must visit place to explore and learn about the tribal that lived in and around this place. The museum is full of artistic and interesting things that will leave you awestruck. The rich history and culture can be seen in the museum through various artifacts.

7. Rabindra Park

Rabindra Park will provide you with the best of both worlds as it is a park in which a restaurant exists. This an ideal place to spend some quiet time amidst nature eating scrumptious food. The place is full of lush green trees and blooming flowers.

8. Jhargram Palace

Located at a distance of mere 3 km, Jhargram Palace used to be the home of the king of Jhargram. The Palace has grand and spacious with 10 rooms and 3 dormitories. The best part is that it if you want to feel like a king, you can stay here and get the royal treatment.

Jhargram Palace

9. Jhargram Mini Zoo

Do not let the name fool you. The mini zoo is actually spread over a vast area with an entire section dedicated to deers calling it ‘Deer Park’.  There are plenty of birds and animals to see which are well kept and healthy. Snakes, peacocks, bears, crocodile and black rabbits are among the few species that can be seen here.

Jhargram Mini Zoo

10. Chilkigarh Raj Palace

Once an affluent palace now lies dilapidated and empty. Chilkigarh Raj Palace is a must visit because even though in ruins this place is nothing less in beauty. The place houses two temples which are popular among devotees.

Chilkigarh Raj Palace

11. Dulung River

A pristine river flows through Jhargram which is sacred to the tribal. The place is tranquil with water flowing softly surrounded by trees and greenery. You can even enjoy tea while sitting near the banks from a quaint tea stall that is situated along the banks. This is the best place to spend some peaceful time and relax.

Things to Do

1. Bird Watching

The dense forests in Jhargram provide a habitat for many birds. A lot of migratory birds also visit this place and make the forests their home. The trees are full of colourful birds chirping which can easily be spotted.

2. Photography

Take photo walks in the forest to capture the picturesque beauty of nature. The photographs will later fill you with nostalgia and remind you of the serene moments you spend around nature.

Fairs and Festivals


This is a  harvest festival celebrated during winter in the latter days of Poush (January-February). Harvest songs are sung and Goddess Tusu is prayed to seek blessings. A competition of cockfighting is organized and the festival is celebrated with joy.


Celebrated during the spring season in the months of April and May, this festival is celebrated on the advent of spring when flowers bloom and trees turn lush green. Places are cleaned to purge them of impurities and four cocks are sacrificed. This three day celebration is filled with joy.


Celebrated during August and September is festival is associated with the harvest of rice. Princess of Kashipur who later became the Goddess of Crops is prayed to. Songs are sung by women in praise of her and people seek blessings from her.

Indra Puja

Continuing for four centuries, this festival is celebrated before Durga Puja. Lord Indra is worshipped to thank him for good harvest, rainfall and crops. The festival is celebrated with grand offerings and rituals.

Durga Puja

Celebrated in the Bengali month of Aswin, this festival is full of celebrations and festivities. The idol of Goddess Durga is prayed to and then immersed in water. A lot of rituals and celebrations follow after that.


Celebrated on the day of Kartik Amavasya in the month of November, this festival is celebrated for animals. Animals help people in daily life and act as companion. The five day celebration is filled with lively rituals and joy.

Jhargram with all its scenic beauty and charms is a wonderful place to take a vacation and unwind. The palaces, forests with its flora and fauna, temples and waterfalls make the place serene and tranquil. Make sure to explore the place fully and take the best memories with you while visiting this amazing place.

Photos of Jhargram

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Best Time To Visit Jhargram

The beauty of Jhargram is at its peak during the winter season. The weather is pleasant and windy and the place looks tranquil. Travelling to Jhargram during monsoon season should be avoided as the place gets muddy and is not fit for sightseeing.

Tips For Visiting Jhargram

1. Do not travel to Jhargram during rainy season as the place gets muddy and it becomes difficult to explore the place.
2. Wear comfortable clothes.

How To Reach Jhargram

By Air: The nearest airport to Jhargram is Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport in Kolkata. The Kolkata Airport is well connected with the major cities in India. Jhargram is at a distance of 180 km from there. Many rental cars are available which will drop you at your destination.
By Rail: Jhargram has its own Railway Station which is well connected with other places in the state of Kolkata.
By Road: National Highway 6 connects Kolkata and Jhargram. The highway is well maintained and easy to drive on. The distance you will have to cover is around 175 km. rental cars are easily available that will take you to Jhargram. A number of Public and private buses also run from Kolkata to Jhargram.

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