Rabindra Sarovar

Also Refered As:

Dhakuria Lake

Rabindra Sarobar, Kolkata Overview

The erstwhile Dhakuria Lake is an artificial tank in South Kolkata. Spread over 75 acres, it is home to varied migratory birds from Siberia and Russia. The lake is home to many fish. Surrounded by gardens, children's park and auditorium, this location has been developed over the years to encourage community and welfare. It is a popular recreational spot for idyllic picnics.

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Saumyakanti Giri

on Rabindra Sarovar 3 years ago
Very good place...but not come with elder persons in evening...!!

Bibhas Mondal

on Rabindra Sarovar 4 years ago
An amazing place to hang around with friends or gf/bf...I like the tranquility of this place....the musical fountain is also a major attraction of this place...

Soumita Ghosh

on Rabindra Sarovar 4 years ago
Rabndra Sarovar is good enough for a morning stroll or an evening walk. However, I would suggest you to avoid this place in the evening since there are pickpockets and thieves here and there. It is b (Read More)est for unmarried couples to avoid this place, especially in the evenings since a lot of moral policing goes on here, and many people threaten them in order to make some money. Even many policemen ask for bribes if the couples want them not to inform their family members. The lake here is dirty, having fallen a victim to environmental pollution. This place is suitable for a visit with friends. Once here, do taste the chocolate chai sold at Tripti Stall nearby.
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Q. Which is the perfect timing, morning or Evening, to visit Rabindra sarovar?


4 years ago
Morning is a good time to visit the Rabindra Sarobar, especially during sunrise. Many people come in the morning for a walk around the lake to enjoy the fresh air and ambience of the lake.
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