Varanasi to Kolkata

Varanasi to Kolkata Road Distance 683 km
Varanasi to Kolkata Aerial Distance 627 km
Varanasi to Kolkata Travel Time 12 hours 12 mins

Varanasi to Kolkata - How to reach

How to reach Kolkata from Varanasi

There are multiple transportation options available from Varanasi to Kolkata. The best option depends upon your budget. It is suggested to travel by which is by far the best option considering all aspects like travel time, budget etc.

Varanasi to Kolkata Route

Other Popular Routes from Varanasi

Important Routes Time Taken Distance
Varanasi to Allahabad 2 hours 28 mins 121 km
Varanasi to Lucknow 5 hours 35 mins 320 km
Varanasi to New Delhi 11 hours 39 mins 816 km
Varanasi to Khajuraho 8 hours 9 mins 402 km
Varanasi to Jammu 20 hours 3 mins 1,385 km
Varanasi to Agra 9 hours 9 mins 605 km

Most Popular Routes to Kolkata

Important Routes Time Taken Distance
Delhi to Kolkata 23 hours 32 mins 1,488 km
Mumbai to Kolkata 1 day 10 hours 1,939 km
Hyderabad to Kolkata 1 day 0 hours 1,490 km
Bangalore to Kolkata 1 day 7 hours 1,879 km
Agra to Kolkata 20 hours 55 mins 1,278 km
Varanasi to Kolkata 12 hours 12 mins 683 km

Top Hotels in Kolkata

  • Den-Vennel Guest House(Metro Access)

    Staring from INR 1,824

  • Neelam Service Apartment

    Staring from INR 3,000

  • The Oberoi Grand Kolkata

    Staring from INR 7,750