How To Reach Midnapore

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How to Reach Midnapore

Midnapore is well linked to other towns and cities by rail. The nearest airport is located in Kolkata and Midnapore is not very well connected to other towns through proper roads. Thus, travelling to Midnapore by train is the most convenient option.

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How to reach Midnapore by flight

Travelling to Medinipur by air directly is not possible. The nearest operational airport is the Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Airport, Kolkata. The airport is nearly two and a half hours away from Midnapore, but if flying to West Bengal is your most preferred option, then getting a bus or taxi ride to Medinipur is not difficult.

Nearest Airport: Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport (CCU) - 113 kms from Midnapore

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How to reach Midnapore by road

If you plan to drive from a neighbouring district to this small town, then NH 60 is the route you'll be following. NH 60 is directly connected to nearby places like Jaleshwar and Bishnupur. The roads are well made and maintained. Medinipur is at a distance of nearly 130 km from capital city Kolkata.

How to reach Midnapore by train

Travelling by train is actually one of the most feasible options. The Midnapore Railway Station is one of the most prominent railway stations in the area. In addition to trains from nearly all nearby regions, trains from Delhi, Mumbai and Pune are also easily available and quite cheap as well.

Local transport in Midnapore

Finding taxis or buses is not very hard to find in Midnapore. Taxi stands and bus stands are sparsely located, but there are a few major places where they are available and then take you all over the town. A prominent taxi stand is located at Dherua-Midnapur Rd, Gurguripal and another bus stand is located at the edge of a petrol pump at municipality road gombhir nagar. If you aren't very comfortable travelling in the bus, then Midnapore is not the place to start experimenting in. It is best if you stick to a taxi.

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