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Q. How to go to eco-park from sealdah or Bidhannagar station?

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Q. i am a primary school teacher under West Bengal government. I just want to bring my all students (approximately 100 ) here..can i get any discount on ticket price?

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Q. What can be an expected budget for 1 to explore Sonajhuri for 3 days including food, lodging and doing all that can be done there to enjoy that place??

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Q. When we can see Shobhabazar Rajbari and what is the entrance fee?

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Q. What is the distance from city to gangasagar

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Q. Can you suggest a fine family accommodation near IISER Mohanpur Kolkata?

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Q. I will stay oneday in kolkata. Please suggest one day sightseeing places

Laxmikanta Meher 1 year ago
Victoria memorial hall

Q. I want to visit Kolkata looking for a good hotel under 1200 per day

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Q. Suggest best places to visit near Kolkata in rainy seasons for two days.

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Q. I want to spend Durga Puja in Calcutta this year. Can you guide me about the options for a stay there and how I can make the most of it?

Amrinder Bedi 2 years ago
let me know ur budget like how much can u send on accommodation alone per day.will let u know accordingly

Q. Which bus goes from howrah to victoria??

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Q. Places to visit

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Q. Need rooms for 25 students within the range of 30k to 40k

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Q. Point of interest,and map plz

Holidify 2 years ago
You can find all the details about the things to do and map here-

Q. If I have 8 hours in Kolkata - 8AM to 4PM - then which places can/should I visit?

Shashwat Kant 2 years ago
If u are a foodie...I would recommend you to try the English breakfast at flurry's on park Street. You can also take a look around and see places like Victoria memorial

Q. Where is the dakshineswar kali tample in the list???

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Q. Name of those places which are 70 or 80 km from kolkata

Akhil Kapoor 2 years ago
Kolkata is a suburbaner's paradise as there are multiple places you can visit around the city for a quick day trip. You can go to the beautiful Raichak on Ganges, which is 55 KM approx from Kolkata. You can also visit Arambagh, Tajpur, Mukutmanipur etc. For more info, check out this blog by Holidify for the best day trips around Kolkata - Hope this helped. :)

Q. Kolkata hotel

Pallavi Siddhanta 2 years ago
Let me know your budget so that I can help accordingly
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pushkal mondal 7 months ago
Hi, thank you for the nice information along with images of Victoria memorial in Kolkata. It's very useful to read your blog. "Text Hidden"
Sagar Roy 8 months ago
Its a really good place to spend holidays. Various types of animals are really gives you amazing experience. Some foreign species animals are really so beautiful ...i have shared my experience of alipore zoo travel on this link "Link Hidden"
Bharat Taxi 9 months ago
Science City of Kolkata no old legacy but today is a place of famous and great viewing. It reflects modernity in the ancient heritage of the city of Kolkata. It is like a heaven for tourists and especially for children.
Raima Kayal 1 year ago
Kolkata - Other side of the Coin
From Chitto da'r Chicken stew to Nakur'er Sandesh (a sweet made from cottage cheese), Kolkata could be better named as 'Khao Gully'. Here, in every street, the third shop is a Mishti'r Dokan (Sweet Shop). From Phuchkas to Dum Biryanis, Kolkata is a paradise for gastronomes. I should have started defining Kolkata by its rich British empirical history but ended up writing about the food it offers. What to do??!! I'm a bong after all, and I take full liberty of discussing appetizers first. A Kolkatan's day starts with a newspaper, tea and toast. If they are done with having their food, then they devote their time to books and politics. Here, no kid can escape guruji's dance, music and drawing classes. If you stroll on the streets during the day, you can find people spending endless hours discussing politics and football at a tea stall. (Though now the best proud topic is 'Dada - The BCCI president'). While concluding, I can guarantee before you leave, Kolkata will teach you what love is and how to embrace people. It might be a chaotic city, but it has a highly infectious charm. So, if you are visiting Kolkata during autumn then don't even think about missing Kumortuli - Potters Town. If you are lucky enough you can see 'Chokkhu Daan' as well. And oh yeah, definitely travel by tram to get a feel of how Kolkatans traversed within the city back in the day. The view you will get over the Howrah Bridge during sunsets is incomparable. Note: If you are a movie fanatic then Kolkata International Film Festival is going on in Nandan. Nearest Metro station- Rabindra Sadan. You can see a hell lot of films at minimal price.
Monika Chauhan 1 year ago
As you travel through Kolkata, you will notice that an unequivocal grace lingers even in its rusted grandeur. This fascinating city certainly keeps you glued to its magnificent palaces, historic venues, grand museums, Howrah Bridge, bustling streets, roadside food kiosks, local cinemas and jute handicrafts as well. "Link Hidden"
Monika Chauhan 1 year ago
Kolkata certainly leaves all shopaholic travellers impressed. There is no limit to what you can buy here. Catering to a wide range of budgets, the shopping places in Kolkata offer attractive options to locals as well as tourists visiting the city. Kolkata is particularly famous for designer Indian wear. Lal Paal cotton sarees, Banarsi sarees, Tussar sarees, gold and artificial jewellery as well as delicious Bengali sweets are among the major attractions here. "Link Hidden"
Chirantan Batabyal 2 years ago
Kolkata is not just another city. It a city with life. It's like a living entity. A different charm of its own. A mixture of the past and the present. Especially, the streets of kolkata are like a photographer's paradise. In my opinion, kolkata is a must visit for everyone who visits India.
gauranshi srivastava 2 years ago
Kolkata will always be a city close to my heart. The best time to visit the City of Joy is between November and February. The city abounds in delicacies and excellent street food. It is a paradise for people who are fond of sweets and shopping. Make sure to explore the Victoria Memorial, the Indian Museum, The Dakshineshwar Temple and the Kalighat Temple. It is one of the safest cities for tourists. Language is not a barrier. People are extremely kind and helpful. Being a vegetarian, it was difficult to hunt for vegetarian restaurants but the city has something for everyone.
ANJALI CR 2 years ago
Rightly called as 'The city of Joy', Kolkata has a lot to offer. From the typical Bengali culture that is reflected in food, art, literature and music to the architectural grandeur, there are a plethora of activities to do in Kolkata. I have made a number of visits to Kolkata and the very first sight of Howrah Bridge after leaving the railway station charms me. My favourite spots in Kolkata are Victoria Memorial, St Paul's Cathedral and Princep Ghat. Since I love shopping, my absolute favourite shopping spots in Kolkata are the Bara Bazaar and Gariahat. The handicrafts sold are really cheap. You can shop your heart out. The prices are really economic. Kolkata is one of the best cities for food tourism. You can explore the bengali culture through the cuisines. I have tried out the roadside food stalls as well as the gleaming restaurants. Kolkata bustles with pubs and clubs. For a foodie like me, the city is an absolute paradise. When in Kolkata, you just cannot miss out Dakshineshwar Temple and Belur Math which are among the most famous pilgrimage spots in the country.
Vivek Bardhan 2 years ago
As soon as my train entered the Howrah junction, the cool morning breeze from the Ganges briskly welcomed me to city of joy, Kolkata. From the yellow taxis to the Hooghly Bridge to the roadside food stalls & sweet shops to the big malls and finally to the corporate haven of Salt Lake, Kolkata is the perfect destination if you are a foodie and love British architecture and religious sites. Victoria Memorial, Indian Museum, Belur Math and Dakshineshwar Kali Mandir are some places you cannot afford to miss. The north and south divisions of the city depict totally different lives. While the north is all about big corporate office and business sectors, the south still preserves the rich, colonial aura.
Pranjali Kureel 2 years ago
I personally found Kolkata to be very fascinating because of how this city has managed to preserve its culture over the centuries. The various colonial buildings which narrate the story of the British Raj and display the different styles of European architecture are a treat for history enthusiasts like me. I mostly travelled by buses and metro which, although a bit overcrowded, are cheap and safe options. DO NOT miss on travelling in the tram as this is the only place in India with an operational tram network and is an experience in itself. Also, don?t forget to try the traditional Bengali sweets and macher jhol at a local restaurant. This city catered to my love for history and food, and I couldn?t help but fall in love with its ?Kolkata-ness?!
Kirti Dass 2 years ago
Kolkata is the city of madness, fun and architectural grandeur. My trips to Kolkata have always been superb- one can really never get bored of this city. I recall my visit to Victoria Memorial as one walking down the lane of history. I really enjoy travelling the city in the criss-cross network of trams . Plus the municipal buses in Kolkata are really cheap- with fares as low as Rs.8 . I love the lip-smacking rasgullas, Kathi rolls and macher jhol which are a Kolkata speciality. Also, the city has a number of amazing hotels. I think one should visit it during the winter months because the summer humidity is really intolerable
Kovid Kapoor 2 years ago
- Like every big city, thefts are a quintessential part of life in Kolkata. So make sure that you take care of your belongings carefully. However, if you realize something being taken away, raise an alarm. People are quite ready to be of help. Besides this, Kolkata being mostly humid will demand for light casual cotton clothings that you can also buy from the city.
Surbhi Parashar Parashar 2 years ago
Labelled as the 'City of Joy', the 'Cultural capital of India', Kolkata (formerly known as Calcutta) is a city with character and remnants of British Raj visible in its Victorian-style architecture, trams and feel.  It is one of the most densely populated cities in India With a heritage as dense and the population, this city along the banks of river Ganga is known for its culture, people, food, music, literature and the movies. Kolkata is famous for its colonial edifices and modern amusement houses. The Victoria Memorial is where Queen Victoria spent some years of her life. Today, a major metropolitan, the city also houses the oldest museum of India- the Indian Museum containing the only 'Mummy' in India amongst other valuable artefacts. Some other interesting places are the Eden Garden, Bellur Math Temple, Aurobindo Ashram, Birla Planetarium, Nicco Park, Marble Palace and Howrah Bridge. The famous Durga Puja in October draws many people to the city. Kolkata is also famous for one of India's oldest brothels called the Sonagachi. If you happen to walk in, you will find many a photographers and videographers trying to catch the colours of the lively place. Nightlife in the city is centred around the restaurants, pubs and discotheques where the young crowd of the city gather.
Brahmani Keni 2 years ago
THE CITY OF JOY, as said will surely mesmerise anyone by its heritage, story, food and culture. Kolkata is famous for numerous reasons consisting of nature, religion, museum and culture. One can select his/ her own favourite category and travel solo to Kolkata. For others travelling first time should not miss Victoria Memorial, Fort Williams, Marble palace, Howrah Bridge, Tagore House and Botanical Garden also the famous Eden Garden. Ps:- Don't forget to taste the Kolkata special sweet dishes.
Nirmalya Saha 2 years ago
Kolkata Is the Cultural city of India.
Victor Pal 2 years ago
Nicco park, great time passing place.
Soumita Ghosh 2 years ago
If you are planning to visit Kolkata, make sure to be prepared to go with the flow. Here, people do not move slowly. They always seem to be in a hurry. So be quick to catch buses and metros since they do not stop for long. There are several hotels, guest houses and inns and there is absolutely no shortage of food here. Carry mosquito repellent with you since most areas of Kolkata is infested with mosquitoes. From luxurious restaurants to dhabas to street food at every corner, you can have delicious food here at cheap rates. ATMs and banks are dotted throughout the city and most places have facilities for debit and credit cards. However this place is polluted and you should always wear a mask if you do not want to be a victim to it. There are uncountable tourist attractions ranging from temples to adventure parks so you are sure to have a great time!
Saumyakanti Giri 2 years ago
Very good place...but not come with elder persons in evening...!!
kiron Sumon 2 years ago
Thanks Sir For all. It is Nice. Sir please give more photos of Jhargram. It is too helpfull for us. "Link Hidden"
Soumita Ghosh 2 years ago
Birla Mandir can be aptly described in one word ? serene. You will be required to submit your shoes and other belongings before entering the temple, so I would advise you to carry only the necessary items before going there. Photography is not allowed and you will be required to switch off your phones before stepping into the temple. You must maintain silence once you are inside. Any loud noise echoes through the temple and disturbs the peaceful atmosphere surrounding this place. Although the central idol here is that of Radha-Krishna, Birla Mandir also has idols of Lord Shiva, Lord Hanuman, Goddess Durga, and Lord Ganesha. Apart from these, you will also find various depictions of Bhagavad Gita. You can sit inside the temple as long as you want and meditate in silence.
Bibhas Mondal 2 years ago
An amazing place to hang around with friends or gf/bf...I like the tranquility of this place....the musical fountain is also a major attraction of this place...
Musharaf Hassan 2 years ago
Fort William built by English East India company is a fortified structure for secure transactions of the Company." The Black Hole of Calcutta" episode which took place in side the fort changed history of India for ever. It was just not the defeat of nawab of Bengal at the hands of Clive,but It was the beginning of the end of Muslim rule in India that paved the way for establishing British Paramountcy in India.The central characters Clive,Siraj-Ud-Daula and Mir Jaffer will all be remembered for their wrong deeds by generations of Indians. I cannot comment on the design or the concept of the structure.The British built so many structures in India that ,this one structure is not a marvel. This is one of the oldest constructions of British in India that changed the history of India which arises some inquisitive ness. This historical fort is out of bounds for ordinary Indians like me for it lodges the sensitive Eastern Command of the Indian army.
Soumita Ghosh 2 years ago
If you are a history enthusiast, then this place is perfect for you. In addition to its mesmerizing architecture, Victoria Memorial is famous for the museum and the galleries within. There are several portraits of Queen Victoria herself. Apart from that, there are many types of scenery painted on canvases that adorn the walls of this hall. Several sculptures and weapons are kept on display. Rare books are also preserved here. If you wish to spend the day here, then pack a sheet and some food and spread the former at any corner of the beautiful garden surrounding the hall. There is also a small pond within the premises and you can rest for a while by its side. If you are interested in photography, then this place is sure to provide some beautiful pictures.Although, you are prohibited to click pictures inside the main building.
Soumita Ghosh 2 years ago
Personally, I feel that Science City is best for kids who have not yet discovered that magic is not real. I remember visiting this place when I was little. I was awestruck by the mysteries surrounding this building. I revisited in 2018 and I found it a bit boring. Most of the instruments are broken and haven?t been fixed. The explanations written on every science gadget sort of ruins the mysterious aura surrounding them. However, that is just a personal opinion. The food available here is extremely overpriced and you are suggested to carry your own food since there is a dearth of food joints around this area. If the 3-D theatre is showing ?A Journey to Mars?, then try to avoid it since it does not give any 3-D movie experience at all. It feels like watching a normal documentary show.
Soumita Ghosh 2 years ago
It is well known for its architecture and the stained glass windows. If you are interested in rare books and manuscripts, then you should know that the cathedral complex also has a library with books and manuscripts by Bishop Wilson, Rev. J. Nath and W. Gordon. If you wish to visit this place when it is not crowded, then you can avoid the months of April and December. However, the beauty of this church is displayed in all its magnificence during Christmas. You are allowed to sit here and pray for as long as you want. Public buses are easily available around this area connecting the cathedral with the major places of Kolkata. You can also travel by metro or hire a cab.
Soumita Ghosh 2 years ago
Make sure to plan your trip according to the correct show timing since the shows are held at different timings in different languages throughout the day. There are not many ATM vestibules around this place so I would advise you to carry enough money. Once inside the planetarium, you are strictly prohibited to click pictures or record videos. However you are allowed to do the same within the complex. Food is available in and around the premises. You are allowed to wear shoes even when you are inside the planetarium. If you are planning to visit this place, remember that you are not allowed to bring in pets here. You can plan a trip which covers Birla Planetarium, Victoria Memorial, St. Paul?s Cathedral and Maidan together.
Sinorita Naskar 2 years ago
BITM as it is popularly known as, is somewhat similar to Science City, Kolkata, except that it is much smaller and cheaper. We had purchased a package ticket that covered a 3d show, chemical reactions show and coal mine show. The chemical reactions show was fun, and despite not being a science student, I did not face any difficulty in understanding as everything was vividly explained. The mock coal mine is one of a kind and was the best part of the day for me. One should never miss it if they are visiting this place. Apart from these, we explored the various other galleries also. There is a cafeteria but there are not many options, only Bengali thaalis, so we opted for lunch outside.
Sinorita Naskar 2 years ago
I visited Indian Museum last winter with friends. We reached at around 12pm and also had to leave early, so we could not explore all of the galleries to my disappointment. So I would advise everyone to keep a full day if they are planning to visit this place. Some of the galleries were closed for renovation. The gallery housing the Egyptian mummy was my favourite among all the galleries that we visited. Apart from exploring the galleries, one can also sit in the lawn admiring the beautiful white building, or opt for a meal at the nearby restaurants in Park Street.
Sinorita Naskar 2 years ago
Birla Planetarium was never in my wishlist as I had always heard from people about how boring it was. Nevertheless, decided to pay it a visit one day with low expectations, little knowing how awesome the place would turn out to be! We watched a show named Cosmic Collisions. Being an avid lover of astronomy since childhood, I thoroughly enjoyed the show. We also explored the galleries there which contains information about various galaxies, planets, etc. The shows keep changing, and are available in English, Bengali and Hindi, so one can easily choose the language in which he/she is comfortable. Ticket was priced at Rs70 when we visited a few months back. If you have a keen interest in outer space, and if you are in Kolkata, do visit this place definitely!
Soumita Ghosh 2 years ago
Keep your belongings safe if you are planning to visit this place during the peak season as it tends to get extremely crowded. Booking a cab is perhaps the best option because the transportation system around this area is poor. Buses are rare and crowded. Also, no vehicle is allowed to stop in front of the zoo. Spare at least 3-4 hours if you wish to see every animal present here. Make sure to follow the map provided within the premises if you do not wish to miss out on anything. Apart from the zoo cafeteria, there are several food shacks. The zoo has more birds than animals.
Antara Mandal 2 years ago
As a history buff, I loved the architecture of the museum. It is symbolic of the British raj when Queen Victoria reigned. The museum has some interesting collection like the Queen's dresses, some ancient books and even swords. There were a lot of pictures and paintings which got me to think about how it would be to live there as a Queen. The memorial is quite huge and it takes a lot of time to perfectly analyse every nook and corner of the place. I didn't get to spend much time there but if you visit you should spend an entire day there. I wanted to take a lot of pictures from inside the museum but it is prohibited. There are beautiful gardens and even a small pond around.
Soumita Ghosh 2 years ago
This place is notorious for pickpockets and your wallet or phone can easily get stolen amidst the crowd. This place can get extremely crowded and there is generally traffic congestion, especially during office hours. Since Howrah Station is nearby, the place is well connected and there is no dearth of transportation system here. Fruit sellers are present at frequent intervals so you can purchase fruits if you want. Apart from this, there are several tea stalls which also sell lassi and snacks. To appreciate the beauty of this bridge, you can hire a boat and sail across the river and witness the beautiful architecture in all its glory.
Soumita Ghosh 2 years ago
The museum displays collections of coins and sculptures out of many others. There is also an Egyptian Mummy put on display. The place needs to be maintained properly since the ways in which the collections are displayed are not up to the mark. Also, the collections lack information. The museum would be a lot better if it were maintained in an orderly manner with correct information displayed beside every artifact. The place is quite good for history enthusiasts. India?s rich history is displayed in all its glory here. Since this museum is present in Kolkata proper, there is no dearth of places to stay. Street food is also widely available.
Soumita Ghosh 2 years ago
Rabndra Sarovar is good enough for a morning stroll or an evening walk. However, I would suggest you to avoid this place in the evening since there are pickpockets and thieves here and there. It is best for unmarried couples to avoid this place, especially in the evenings since a lot of moral policing goes on here, and many people threaten them in order to make some money. Even many policemen ask for bribes if the couples want them not to inform their family members. The lake here is dirty, having fallen a victim to environmental pollution. This place is suitable for a visit with friends. Once here, do taste the chocolate chai sold at Tripti Stall nearby.

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