Taling Ngam Beach, Koh Samui Overview

Taling Ngam Beach is situated in the Taling Ngam district on the west coast of Koh Samui, Thailand. Usually, it is referred to as a strip of sandy shore from Laem Yai Krai cape to the Phang Ka Bay. It is renowned as a beautiful and quiet beach with fewer tourist activities as compared to other beaches. This is also one primary reason why it is known as the ‘Paradise Corner.’

The beach has a gently sloping plain terrain towards the northern half and is covered with seashell rocks at the southern end. The beach is covered with groves of coconut palms, and the white, dazzling sand strips with the blue waters add to the aesthetics of the beach. Taling Ngam Beach is also known as the ‘Beach of Five Isles’ because of the five neighbouring tiny isles surrounding the beach. Adding to the beauty of this place are cliffs rising above the water, dense tropical vegetation, and a few private villas which are available on rent.

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Things to Do At Talong Ngam Beach

Taling Ngam Beach is known to be perfect for couples because of the beautiful sunset view. Not just this, you will also find every evening and night as the shade of heavenly art of the sky. You can also visit one of the beach restaurants to enjoy some seafood or encounter the inhabitants of tropical forests like the big fluffy spider, a gecko, or a few snakes. You can either swim or rent a chair/umbrella and relax on the sand.

How To Reach Taling Ngam Beach

The nearest airport to Taling Ngam Beach is Koh Samui Airport which is around 16 km away. The easiest way to reach Taling Ngam Beach is by booking a private car taxi, a minivan taxi to reach Taling Ngam from the airport, which will cost between THB 400 to THB 1000.

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