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New Tehri, Kanatal Overview

Considered as probably the only planned city in the entire state of Uttarakhand, New Tehri is a spectacular town that is blessed with uninhibited natural beauty. The town is located at a dizzying height of 1950 meters above sea level provides a stunning bird's eye view of the magnanimous Tehri Lake and the famous Tehri Dam. Surrounded by the enchanting views of the mountains and the mighty waters of the Tehri dam, this is one picturesque destination. This lovely location is shrouded in incredible natural beauty and is a perfect getaway from the din of regular life.

New Tehri is mainly famous for housing Asia's largest and highest dam- the Tehri Dam. The enormous dam rests at an elevation of 260 meters above sea level and is the 10th tallest dam in the whole world! Naturally, the dam is the star attraction of the town and draws thousands of tourists every year who are enthralled by its enormity and pristine beauty. The town is dotted with many temples- Chandrarabadni Temple dedicated to Goddess Sati, Sem Mukhem Temple dedicated to the snake god and Buda Kedar, where Duryodhana is said to have offered Tarpana. These temples hold great significance to the locals as well many devotees from afar who come here frequently to offer their blessings to the god.

New Tehri is also a popular go-to destination for many when it comes to planning a peaceful and revitalising excursion. The geographical setting of the town is tremendously mesmerising- enveloped in the magnanimous snow clad Himalayas and overlooking the sapphire Tehri Lake. This hill station is perfect for a romantic getaway, a family trip, a holiday with friends or a tranquil escape into nature's comforting hold to reconnect with our own selves.

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History of New Tehri

Tehri Garhwal was initially ruled by the Parmar Dynasty. It was later invaded by the Gurkhas in 1803 and soon taken over by the British. The East India Company then merged Kumaon, Dehradun, and East Garhwal into the British Empire and bestowed the authority of West Garhwal to Sudarshan Shah, who then came to be known as Tehri Riyasat. King Sudarshan Shah stayed in reign for a long time and made Tehri the capital of his kingdom. His dynasty ruled the region from 1815 to 1949. 

When India got independence in 1947, the people of Tehri Riyasat started protesting the monarchical rule. This left King Manvendra Shah, the 60th king of the Pawar Vansh, no choice but to accept the jurisdiction of the Indian government and the town has been in the governance of the Indian government ever since.

Place To Visit in New Tehri

Tehri Dam
You haven't seen New Tehri if you haven't been to the Tehri Dam. The dam harnesses water from the Bhilangana River and the Bhagirathi River- the two most essential rivers of the Himalayas. Not only is it the largest dam in Asia, but it also supplies power to nearly the entire state of Uttarakhand by generating over 1000 MW of electricity every day!

Located only 18 km away from New Tehri's city centre, the dam is barely a 40-minute drive. The surrounding scenery of lush green mountains coupled with the gushing waters from the dam makes it a peaceful place to relax and unwind. The Tehri Lake is famous for its engaging boating activities. The construction of the dam is breathtaking to its right and is an engineering buff's delight. Visit this destination for the experience of nature and man-made beauty, all at one place.

Tehri Lake
The Tehri lake is a popular spot for water sports in New Tehri. It offers the adventure mongers with thrilling experiences of jet skiing, speed boating, banana riding, water surfing and much more! All the activities are designed to suit both- adrenaline junkies and adventure newbies. The picturesque setting of the lake adds to the fun of the activities.

Chandrabadni Temple
The Chandrabadni Temple is devoted to Goddess Sati and is one of the most revered Shaktipeethas dedicated to the divinity. The temple lies at an elevation of 2277 meters and provides a spectacular view of the mesmerising Himalayas that envelope the town. This temple is carved entirely out of white marbles and tiles and is bound to leave you awestruck by its immense purity and pristine beaty.

Sem Mukhem Temple
Sem Mukhem is another spiritually blessed temple that rests at the height of 2903 meters. It is dedicated to the snake god and has made a special place in the hearts of the locals. To reach the temple, one has to trek 7 km from Khamba Khal which is 64 km away from New Tehri.

Buda Kedar
Buda Kedar is a popular tourist attraction in New Tehri. This small temple is set at the conflux of the Dharam Ganga River and the Bal Ganga River and was built in dedication of Lord Shiva. Buda Kedar holds great religious as well as cultural significance because it is here that Duryodhana, the Kaurav king from Mahabharat offered Tarpana.

Khatling Glacier
Khatling Glacier is renowned for its unmatched and untouched natural beauty. The panoramic view of the Himalayas and the picturesque exquisiteness of the glacier has enthralled many trekkers for several years and has always left them wanting more. Its incomparable beauty invites many trekkers around the year that start their climb from Guttu, which is 62 km away from New Tehri.

Best Time To Visit New Tehri

New Tehri is blessed with a wonderfully pleasant climate throughout the year. However, the best time to visit the town would be during summers with the temperature ranging from a low of 8 degrees Celsius to a high of 20 degrees Celsius. The monsoons experience heavy rainfall and frequent cloudbursts which may interfere with your sightseeing plans. The winters are extremely cold with temperatures going as low as -10 degrees Celsius accompanied by heavy snowfall.

Tips For Visiting New Tehri

The snow in this region can be quite a nuisance during the winter season and must be taken care of accordingly.

How To Reach New Tehri

Rishikesh Railway Station is the nearest railhead from New Tehri. It is located at a distance of 75 km and is well connected to all the main railheads of the country. You can hail a cab or an auto rickshaw from the railway station which will take you directly to New Tehri in no time and at affordable rates.

The state transport bus terminals are located just outside the railway station and have buses plying in and out quite frequently. These buses connect the entire town and its neighbouring areas pretty well, and their tickets are extremely cheap too.

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