Nagaur Fair, Jodhpur Overview

Nagaur Fair is the second largest one in all of India. It is conducted in the town named 'Nagaur' and is primarily known as a Cattle Fair. This fair is all about the trading of animals, wherein the animals are presented with colourful accessories upon them. But, this fair is much more than that. It is particularly popular because of its sporty activities like the tug of war, and bullock and camel racing that it showcases. The Nagaur Fair is an eight-day affair, which takes place between the months of January and February.

The main event of the fair is the trade of cattle. Each year, over 0.2 million animals, like oxen, bullocks, camels, goats, horses, cows etc. are brought to the venue by the locals. Nagaur is located between Jodhpur and Bikaner but shepherds and cattlemen from far away also attend the event other than those living nearby, in large numbers to purchase or sell animals. This fair is held over four days and is considered to be the second largest such event in the country. It is organized and managed by the Animal Husbandry Department and the Tourism Department of Rajasthan. So, along with the main event, trading, there are competitions and entertainment that tourists can enjoy too.

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Nagaur Fair Dates

Nagaur Fair is held either in January or February every year in Nagaur City. Thus, the dates keep changing every year. In 2019, the event was scheduled from 10th to 13th February 2019

Celebrations at Nagaur Fair

The primary aim of the Nagaur Fair, cattle trading, can be witnessed on a grand scale by the visitors. These animals are arranged in order to display them well for interested buyers. People can see Camels, Cows, Buffalos, Horses etc. of the best breed at the venue. They are usually well-groomed and decorated with colourful turbans and ornaments to attract purchasers who are mostly good at bargaining. Offbeat travellers would find it quite interesting to witness the unusual deals being made.
The fair also consists of other activities like contests, sports and entertainment. There is Rajasthani Folk Music, Folk Dance Performances, Camel races, Horse Riding shows, Horse Races, Bull and Cock Fights, animal tug-of-war etc. Local artisans also get their handicrafts and set up small kiosks to sell their craftwork, apparel, accessories etc. Food or nearby the event venue is mostly traditional Rajasthani Cuisine.  Visitors who want to stay overnight can check with the Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation for accommodation and book their rooms well in advance.

How To Reach Nagaur Fair

Nagaur is easily accessible by road and one can take one of the two routes from Jaipur to make their way to Nagaur Fair. The first route passes through Sikar and the other one goes through Jodhpur. There are regular buses run by the state transport corporation of Rajasthan and one can also reach Nagaur Fair by their own vehicle.

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