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Talhan is a quaint village situated in the Jalandhar District of the state of Punjab in India. It is spread over an area of 1.49 KM2 or 369 acres. The population of the village currently is 2,946 people. Most of the people belong from the religion of Hinduism and Sikhism. It is a small village which is mostly known for its Gurudwaras, especially the Talhan Shaheeb Gurudwara where people come to pray if they want to go abroad. Another key attraction to the place is the Shaheedi Jor mela which is an annual event held to remember Shaheed Baba Nihal Singh.

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Places to Visit in Talhan

Gurdwara Talhan Shaheeb Ji


The Gurdwara Talhan Shaeeb Ji is the key Gurudwara of the village as it is dedicated to Baba Nihal Singh. Devotees come from all around the country to this gurudwara for a special reason. People think that visiting this Gurudwara will open up their luck on getting a Visa to reside abroad. The offerings are often in the form of plastic aeroplanes. One can definitely try their luck over here and people even visit from abroad. The Shaheedi Jor mela is celebrated on the memory of Baba Nihal Singh.

People and Language of Talhan

The main language spoken by the people residing in Talhan is Punjabi. Most of them follow either Sikhism or Hinduism. But there is one Muslim family in the village who take care of a ‘Mazaar’ present in the village.

Best time to Visit Talhan

The best time to visit Talhan would be during the winter months when the weather remains pleasant. November is thought to be the best month to visit Talhan when the highest temperature is about 27 °C and the lowest temperature is about 9 °C. If people are able to tolerate the rains, then they can visit Talhan during the months of July and August, but they will need to carry an umbrella. You may want to visit during the months of June or July to enjoy the Shaheedi Jor mela. 

History of Talhan

Talhan is a small village whose history is mainly ingrained in the caste conflict and also the Shaheed Baba Nihal Singh Gurdwara. The caste conflict played a key role in questioning the Dalit rights present in Punjab. About 60% of the people residing in Talhan belonged from the Scheduled Caste mainly Chammars.

In 2003, the people belonging from the Dalit community had a conflict with the Jat community as they wanted to be a part of the Shaheed Baba Nihal Singh Gurdwara’s governing committee. Right now, the administration of the village is run by all people irrespective of their caste.

The Shaheed Baba Nihal Singh Gurdwara was formed in the memory of Baba Nihal Singh who lived in Dakoha, a neighbouring village. He used to install pulleys to take out well water and the people had high regards for him. One day he became a martyr while installing a pulley. So, the locals created a Shrine for him. And beside him lies his associate, Harman Singh. Now, the Gurdwara calls in thousands of people from all around the country.

How To Reach Talhan

If you are travelling by car, then the best way will be to drive to Jalandhar and from there you can drive to Talhan, which is near Jalandhar Cantonment. The drive takes about 22 min via NH703.
Talhan doesn’t have its own railway station but one can avail the Jalandhar Cantonment railway station or the Jalandhar City railway station. People can easily take a bus or car from the station to the Talhan village.
To reach Talhan via flight one will need to fly to Ludhiana which is about 70 KM from the village. From there they can avail different types of transport like the train or the bus to reach the village. This isn’t the most convenient way of travelling.  

Talhan is a beautiful and peaceful place where you can immerse yourself if you have a time constraint in your tour. You will definitely love nature as well as the atmosphere present in this small village in Jalandhar.

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