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Timings : 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Time Required : 1-2 hrs

Entry Fee : Adults: IDR 4000
Kids: IDR 300

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Ragunan Zoo, Jakarta Overview

Designed to awaken the animal lover within you, Ragunan Zoo is a fine amalgamation of flora, fauna, foliage and some amazing wildlife. Situated in Passar Minguu, this place is full of countless species of animals from different parts of the world. Providing shade and shelter to animals and birds for more than a century now, Ragunan zoo has earned the reputation of being one of the oldest in the world.

An ideal spot for children of all ages, Ragunan zoo is home to the talking parrot who never ceases to amaze the young curious mind. A joy ride on the train is another attraction that will raise your little one’s spirit to another level. Make sure you head to this natural paradise the next time you visit Jakarta to experience the essence of nature.

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Animals at Ragunan Zoo

Mammals: The zoo is home to various species from all over the world like langurs and macaques. Schmutzer Prime Centre houses the orangutans and gorillas. You can catch the famous mouse deer and the porcupines from Java or some racoons and beavers in areas specifically dedicated to them within the zoo. It also has tigers, leopards, sun bear, llama, eland, babirusa among many other mammals that you can catch a glimpse of.

Orangutan at Ragunan Zoo
The Orangutan

Reptiles: The zoo has crocodiles, the well-known Komodo dragon and turtles.

Birds: You can catch the beautiful swans and pelicans at the Ragunan zoo. As you move inside, you will be delighted to see pheasants, cockatoos, mynas, crowned pigeons, palm cockatoos to name a few. Sulawesi hornbill, brahminy kite, peafowls and hawk eagles from Java are interesting finds that are a treat for the eyes.

Flamingos at Ragunan Zoo
Flamingos at the Ragunan Zoo

Other animals: There are many other animals like the ox from Java, hippopotamus, white tigers that are part of the zoo as well.

Ragunan Zoo Attractions

There are areas dedicated to train rides and a playground where children can enjoy their time under the sun. There are also special events organised on Sundays such as pony rides in Ragunan Zoo. There also rides that can be enjoyed on boats in the lake.

The beautiful zoo also has the very popular Schmutzer Primate Centre which dates back to the year 2002 and is privately managed. It has a dedicated orangutan centre with thick foliage all around which provides them privacy while they are admired by the onlookers. It is over 10 hectares and is home to varieties of chimpanzees, primates and gorillas.

Train Ride at Ragunan Zoo
Train Ride at Ragunan Zoo

Best Time to Visit

It is suggested to visit Ragunan Zoo during the dry season which lasts from June to September, as stepping out in the open is more pleasant before the wet phase begins.


1. There are many cafes and eating joints near the zoo where you can satiate your palette after an exhausting visiting the wildlife, like Hay Thien, Starbucks, Le Gran, Taman Indraloka, and Ta Wan.
2. Visiting the zoo in light clothing is recommended to combat the climate.
3. The restrooms are not very well equipped so it is a good idea to keep a sanitiser and some wipes handy.

How To Reach Ragunan Zoo

It is located in the sub district called Passar Minguu which is located in southern Jakarta. You can reach the Ragunan zoo via the TransJakarta Corridor bus which is identifiable by its grey colour, through the outer ring road. Private cars can also help reach the place comfortably.

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