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Deer Enclosure, Jakarta Overview

Deer Enclosure is a sanctuary for deers in the park of Merdeka Square. This park is located near Monumen Nasional where the deers wander freely and are enclosed by shaded trees. The deers are friendly towards the visitors, allowing them to pet and feed them. This place is well suited for animal and nature lovers.

Merdeka has a wonderfully secluded deer enclosure where these shy creatures reside in the tropical enclosure of the southeast corner of the country. Deer, being shy and timid animals may not always guarantee one to spot it on the visit to the enclosure. However, many people still visit the Deer Enclosure on their excursion to visit the National Monument of Indonesia.

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Things to Do

National Monument:
The National Monument of Indonesia is truly a breathtaking site in Indonesia which is almost visible from any part of the city. But, the view of the monument up close is totally worth it!

The base of the monument features a small museum depicting the history of Indonesia all the way from the prehistoric days till 1970. Accompanying this, there are also important icons of Indonesia like flags, maps and a replica of the Proclamation of Independence.

Merdeka Square:
Merdeka Square Plaza is a lovely square-shaped plaza spanning over a distance of 1 km, making it the largest square in the world! The square is often used for events like military parades and demonstrations, or even sporting and cultural activities.

·       National Museum of Indonesia:

The road from the eastern side of Merdeka Square is this amazing monument. The building was opened in the colonial period. All this makes for an amazing cultural mesh. The museum is a great place to spend a couple of hours and gain an interesting insight into the traditional side of the country’s communities and cultures.

Merdeka Palace:

Merdeka Palace was built in the 1970s and is the official residence of the President of Indonesia and an administrative center and residence of the Governor-General. However, the palace is accessible only on certain special weekends, and prior booking for the same is essential.  

Isitiqal Mosque:

Istiqal Mosque is an important place of worship for Muslims in Indonesia and it is also the largest mosque in the entire South-east region which makes it an extremely popular site to visit in the country. The mosque is a masterpiece of Islamic architecture with its subtle designs and sheer size.

Jakarta Cathedral:
Jakarta Cathedral is located directly opposite to the Istiqal Mosque. The prominent position and the size of the mosque are evidence of the diversity and tolerance which is visible in Indonesian society. This beautiful cathedral was inaugurated in 1901 and the beautiful architecture is designed in the Neo-Gothic style. 

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