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Museum Di Tengah Kebun, Jakarta Overview

Museum Di Tengah Kebun is a private museum with an impressive collection of relics and antiques by Syahrial Djalil, an Indonesian entrepreneur and founder of the museum. He built the museum entirely through his own money that houses archaeological statues, ceramics, paintings and many more Indonesian artefacts.

Interestingly, Syahrial who was running an advertising company wanted to build a house for himself where he could grow old. Being fond of the different architectural styles, he designed the house and used different materials which would be a reflection of his interests in the fine arts. By the year 2009, he decided to open the house for the people to come and view his collection.

Museum Di Tengah Kebun offers a great appeal to the visitors owing to the unique environment and a huge span of exhibits. The museum is divided into 17 different rooms with artifacts from various countries like France, England, China, Japan, and Mexico. Along with this, every room has a separate theme to pique the interest of the visitors.

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Museum Di Tengah Kebun is a massive house which has 17 rooms displaying the museum’s collection from bedrooms and bathrooms. The front part of the museum displays some antique and prehistoric objects.

Upon entering the premises, one has to deposit the luggage into an antique cupboard and exchange the shoes for sandals which are provided in the museum. The best part is that the entry to this wonderful museum is free of cost.

The first room goes by the name Loro Blonyo room which has beautiful statues to depict the harmonious relationship between a husband and wife. The second room has a beautiful Buddha statue made of wood and has been sourced from Myanmar.

The living room is also known as the Dewi Sri Room which is like the living room or family room which is filled with antiques and has a cool and calm feel with a grassy garden in the middle.

The washroom is also designed in an interesting manner where one will come across some antique objects like puppet decorations and wooden masks. The washroom can also be accessed by the visitors. Outside the house, is a beautiful garden which is dotted with rocks with some form of ancient inscriptions. The garden also boasts of a beautiful statue of Lord Ganesha.

Thus, one will be able to obtain great exposure to the unique art and architecture which has been carefully curated from different parts of the world.

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