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Howrah survives on its delicious local cuisine and a language that sounds sweeter than Mishti Doi. Its location makes it one of the best places in India where one can find mouth-watering seafood recipes.

The Doi Maach which is fresh local fish cooked in a curd gravy, the steamed hilsa fish (also called Bhapa Illish), fish fry, prawn curries etc. are some of the best delicacies to try. After trying all the fish recipes, one can move to the local chicken and mutton delicacies, especially the chaap, the malai curries and the biryanis. For the vegetarians, there?s the authentic Khichudi, Sweet Pulao, Aloo Torkari, Shukto etc. that are as famous as the non-vegetarian dishes. Then there?s street food ? rolls, kachoris, jhalmuri, dal puri, momos, samosas and masala tea that are worth a try too. Then to finish the eating spree, one must head to the nearest sweet shot for deserts like Roshogulla, Malpua, Mishti Doi, Rasmalai, Kalakand, kheer etc. without any regrets, because for many tourists, a trip to Howrah does not happen often.

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Santragachi Jheel
Vidyasagar Setu
Mullick Ghat Flower Market

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