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Andhra Pradesh is the rice bowl of India and naturally, rice is the staple food in Guntur. Andhra cuisine is spicy in general and the food in Guntur is particularly known for its spicy flavour profile. The spiciness is inherent in Guntur cuisine considering the fact that Guntur Sannam, an extremely hot variety of Chili is grown here.

Guntur Kodi Dosa stays true to the spicy nature of cuisine here and is a fluffy, Ghee laden version of regular dosa. Another spicy staple is the Mirapakay Baji which is long green chilli stuffed full of lemon juice and spices, covered with gram flour and then deep fried.

The silken, melt in your mouth Idlis covered with Guntur chilli powder are another tourist favourite here. Sweet dishes also make ample use of rice and rice products. Payasam, Ariselu, and Pootharekelu are rice-based desserts. Bobbatalu is another popular dessert which makes use of sweetened lentil mixture stuffed inside a maida chapati.

Kaja, another commonly available sweet dish is a syrupy dessert made with flour and sugar. Mamidi Tandra is a popular variety of Aam Papad which is made layer by layer over the period of one month and has a unique chewy texture because of the way it is made.

Here are the top 2 restaurants in Guntur:

1. Sweet Magic

Opp Ramachandra Furnitures, Lakshmipuram Main Road, Ashok Nagar, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh 522006 
INR 400

2. High Spirits Restaurant

Hotel Vijaya Krishna International Station Road, Guntur 
11AM-3PM & 7PM-11PM
INR 400

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