What is the best time to visit Goalpara?

Goalpara offers welcoming season almost throughout the year except in the monsoons. Frequent showers make it uncomfortable for tourists to explore the city. In summers, the temperature is not too high, and heat is bearable. Nevertheless, the best time to visit Goalpara is in winter season from October to February since the weather is pleasant and cool.

Weather in Goalpara


Upcoming Goalpara Weather

Monthly Weather in Goalpara

Month Avg. Minimum (°C) Avg. Maximum (°C)
January 10 26
February 12 28
March 14 29
April 18 31
May 21 31
June 21 31
July 25 31
August 25 34
September 24 33
October 21 33
November 16 30
December 12 27

Goalpara in Winter (October-February)

Winter season takes over the monsoon season from October onwards, and the temperature starts falling. The weather remains pleasant as the temperature lingers between 28 to 15 degrees Celcius which is neither too low or too high. This is the best time to visit Goalpara.

Goalpara in Monsoon (July-September)

From July, monsoon season starts approaching. Goalpara witnesses quite heavy rainfall and July is considered to be the rainiest month. The temperature remains between 18 to 21 degrees Celcius. It is better to avoid visiting the city during this time because rainfall restricts outdoor activities.

Goalpara in Summer (March-June)

The summer season hits the city in March and lasts until June. The mercury starts soaring up, but the summers in Goalpara are not very harsh. The maximum temperature remains around 31 degrees Celcius, and the minimum is 15 degrees Celcius.

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