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Surya Pahar, Goalpara Overview

The chances of an average person knowing about Surya Pahar are quite low. This relatively unknown site near Goalpara in Assam is high on archaeological value. Calling it an Archaeologist's gold mine won't be an overstatement. Surya Pahar translates to 'Hill Of The Sun' inEnglishh. The name implies that the site was associated with the cult of sun worship. The archaeological findings discovered from the area are kept in the local museum.

Located about 12 km southeast from Goalpara, Surya Pahar is one of the most significant heritage sites of the ancient remains in Assam. The mystifying site now lies as a ruin and void of any human population, though local vendors and the locals throng the place in the daytime. The site is a hilly terrain dotted with thousands of shivalingas.

Suraya Pahar holds the unique distinction of being marked and holding major significance in the history of 3 major religions which is proven by the presence of an amalgam of Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism relics, archaeological and religious articles.

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History of Suraya Pahar and Excavations

It is believed that The Great Sage Vyasa himself laid the foundations for Surya Prahar modeling it on Kashi with 99,999 Shiv Lingams dotted across the mountain face and it was a thriving civilization and a major trading city long ago with maritime trade routes through the mighty Brahmaputra. Being an amalgamation of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism, it enjoyed great status. Some historians even believe that Sri Suraya Pahar was the ancient seat of The the Pragjyotish Kingdom and not Guwahati.

Many Hindu rock carvings have been discovered in this place along with some rock-cut antiques, 25 stupas and the deities belonging to Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. These are kept at a museum in Surya Prahar. Jainism didn't have a strong foothold anywhere in the North East except for its presence in Suraya Pahar, which hence, is of great significance. 25 stupas in the eastern periphery are proof of the presence of Buddhism.

Tips For Visiting Surya Pahar

The whole place is swarming with monkeys, so it is always best to be a bit apprehensive.

How To Reach Surya Pahar

Buses and taxis are available to travel to Surya Prahar.

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