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What is the best time to visit Mawsynram?

Mawsynram is known to be one of the wettest places on the planet. It is, therefore, best when visited between April and June which is the summer season in the country. This beautiful tourist site in the “abode of clouds” provides for a delightful respite during the summers as the temperature remains pleasantly cool all through the day. Some may choose to visit Mawsynram at the onset or by the end of the monsoon season, i.e. in July/ September-October to experience the lovely ambience, but since it is one of the wettest places in India, they need to be aware and equipped for the heavy rainfall the region witnesses. The transitioning month of October is also quite a pleasant time to explore the tourist attractions as the terrain is consistently covered with lush greenery and the air is refreshing and rejuvenating. Most of the day during this time of the year is misty and foggy creating a magical charm that cannot be ignored. The region receives rainfall almost all through the year. So no matter which month tourists plan to visit, they must be prepared for unexpected showers.

Weather in Mawsynram


Upcoming Mawsynram Weather

Monthly Weather in Mawsynram

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 17°/ 7° 4 days
February 19°/ 8° 2 days
March 23°/ 12° 5 days
April 24°/ 14° 14 days
May 25°/ 16° 28 days
June 25°/ 18° 30 days
July 23°/ 18° 30 days
August 25°/ 18° 30 days
September 24°/ 17° 29 days
October 23°/ 15° 14 days
November 22°/ 12° 3 days
December 18°/ 8° 1 days

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More about Best Time to Travel to Mawsynram

Mawsynram in Winter (November - March)

Mawsynram witnesses a decently cold climate all through the year. However, winters, that begin in November and last till March are extremely chilly as the mercury could drop as low as 6°C. The daytime temperature hovers around 15°C, but the rains can make a surprise visit in the form of exciting drizzles or occasionally chilling downpours. So one needs to carry their rainwear and also wear good woollens to keep themselves dry and warm. If one wants to visit Mawsynram during this time of the year, it is much advisable that they avoid November and December which are the peak winter months.

In the rest of the winter months, one can visit the Mawsmai Caves, the Mawsmai Falls and the Khreng Khreng View Point along with exploring the village. The chilling temperature during the peak months coupled with the unexpected cold showers would push one to cancel their plan to explore the attractions, making their visit inconvenient and annoying. However, if it is someone who enjoys snuggling up in warm quilts and watching the mesmerising ambience created by nature as they sip on a hot cup of coffee in a quiet little homestay, Mawsrynram is sure to be one of the best places visited during these months.

Mawsynram in Summer (April - June)

The summer season is considered to be the best season to visit Mawsynram. It begins in April and lasts till June. The climate usually hovers between a cold 14°C and a delightful 20°C; which is rarely exceeded. Tourists, therefore, can make the most of their trip by visiting and exploring most of the attractions in the village. One may also explore sites located nearby the charming little hamlet. A quick weather check is much advisable as the region is susceptible to unexpected showers. Otherwise, the skies are clear, and the climate is pleasant most of the time. Packing rain gear or an umbrella is always recommended. One can visit the Mawjymbuin Caves, the Khreng Khreng Viewpoint etc. or explore the enchanting terrain in and around the village. A trip during this time of the year is sure to be a memorable one owing to the lovely climate and the picturesque beauty of the location.

Mawsynram in Monsoon (July - October)

With an average annual rainfall of around 9500 mm, Mawsynram, the land of clouds, is paradise for monsoon and nature lovers. The season begins in July and lasts till October. Although this time of the year is not recommended to tourists, the offbeat travellers might find the hamlet exciting and adventurous to explore. Also, it is hard to miss the exquisite beauty the village transforms into, when the rains pour in this part of India. The surroundings are covered with a dense carpet of natural vegetation, and the water bodies nearby gush with gallons of water. Nature lovers and adventure seekers would find the hamlet quite inviting during this time.

The temperature hovers between 20°C and 17°C but the humidity is very high, and the rainfall is usually so heavy that they play spoilsport affecting sightseeing. The roads are often muddy and get so slippery when it rains that it becomes inconvenient, unsafe or dangerous to explore the village. But for those who desire to experience the weather and hopefully see some attractions can plan a visit between September-October when the rains are almost fading away and the season is transitioning towards the winter season.
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