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Butterfly Conservatory Of Goa, Goa Overview

The Butterfly Conservatory of Goa is a spectacular garden area in the Ponda district spread over 4000 square metres designed as a place to stroll and absorb in the serene beauty of nature. In the vast expanses of the garden, one can take a leisurely walk and observe over a hundred different species of butterflies from close quarters.

The park, also known as Mystic Woods, is owned and maintained by nature lovers and enthusiasts Dr Jyoti and Yashodhan Hablekar who built up the place from scratch. What was a barren hill a few years back has been converted into a large patch of green woods complete with a stream flowing through it, all thanks to the efforts of the Hablekar family. One of the main attractions of the Butterfly Conservatory of Goa is The Butterfly Pub, which is the spot for mud-puddling of the males of the species. This is where the male butterflies gather in the puddles and muddy areas to absorb nutrients like salts and amino acids before the mating ritual. 

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The conservatory is located at a distance of 26 km from Panjim Kadamba Bus Stand and around 4 km from Ponda Bus Stand. You can take a private car up to the location. You can call the owners beforehand to be sure of the procedure. The Butterfly Conservatory is a great place to unwind and get a taste of nature.

Attractions at Butterfly Conservatory

The park is covered with bright flowering plants to attract more and more butterflies. The plants are both tropical and endemic in nature, thus creating the optimum condition in air and soil for breeding and rearing different species of butterflies. A stroll through the entire garden will reveal a whole new world of colourful plants and even more colourful butterflies feeding on them to you. Another interesting attraction is the Hablekar house itself, attached to the conservatory. You can see the rooftop garden house and studio of Yashodhan Hablekar, who is a wildlife artist, and many other tiny surprises in the premises.

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