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Anjuna Beach, Goa Overview

Rocky shores, rocking music, and a free and happy vibe - That is Anjuna Beach for you. Located near Panjim at a distance of 21 km, it is among the most popular beaches in North Goa. A hippie paradise of sorts it is characterized by its rocky outcrops. Come and rock the night way at Curlies, or dance to some techno at Cafe Lilliput! During the day you can sample some delicious culinary goodness at Burger Factory, Baba Au Rhums, or Basilico. Known as the jewel of Ozran, it quickly became a favorite haunt for the hippies in the swingin' 60s and still retains the same vibe to this day. You are sure to meet an eclectic bunch of tourists from all over the world when you are here!

Lose yourself in the trance music and immerse in the number of adventure sports at Anjuna. It is this variety of activities that makes Anjuna Beach one of the most popular beaches in Goa. Hwowever, beware of swimming here as the beach is mostly filled with rocky shores. The visit to Anjuna becomes all the more exhilarating with bungee jumping from an 80 feet tower and other water sports like paragliding and windsurfing. If delectable food is your calling, Anjuna Beach has plenty of options for you to choose from. You can sample the delicious homemade fare at Baba Au Rhum, some sumptuous burgers at Burger Factory, or hearty Italian at Basilico. If beachfront dining with pumping music and Goan cocktails and recipes is your calling, head to the famous Curlies right on the beach.

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Anjuna Beach Activities

With a plethora of options to choose from, there is never a dearth of things to do in Anjuna. Be it adventure sports, late night trance parties, shopping, wellness pursuits or just simply lazing around while reading your favorite book there is something for everyone here.
Some of the most popular adventure activities on Anjuna beach are jet skiing, banana boat rides, parasailing, bumping ride, water scooter and paragliding. Each of these activities can cost you anywhere between INR 100 to INR 1000. If the more fun kind of activities interest you, you can also get a beautiful Henna Tattoo or indulge in some hair braiding.
You can also pursue meditation, yoga, reiki and ayurvedic massages that are available here and you can join both daily and weekly sessions for these. 

Accommodation In Anjuna

From spartan beach huts to luxurious boutique hotels, there is some accommodation option to suit every budget and need in Anjuna.  Some of the popular resorts include Hacienda De Goa Resort, Le Pearl Goa and Sea Horse. If you are looking for comfortable hotels, you might want to consider FabHotel Anjuna Beachfront, Laguna Anjuna, Hotel Whispering Woods, La Sunila Suites and Sugar Plum Hotels.

You can also find budget hostel accomodations such as Roadhouse hostels, Funky Monkey Hostel, Wonderland Hostel etc.

Other than that, if you are planning on staying at Anjuna Beach for a couple of months, there is also an option of houses on rents. However, make sure to make a booking in advance especially during the peak season.

Tips For Visiting Anjuna Beach

1. Do not stroll around the area alone after dark as some cases of robbery have been registered. 2. Traffic at times can be quite heavy and chaotic in the area, especially during the peak season. 3. Carry your swimwear, sunscreen lotion, and sunglasses with you. Make sure to stay away from water during monsoon season and follow all the given guidelines by the authority.

Best Time To Visit Anjuna

The best time to visit Anjuna Beach is between early November and March. The weather is delightfully warm and the winter is mild. This time of the year also witnesses the full moon parties and various other adventure activities in full swing. However, due to the high tourist inflow, it can get quite crowded. Nevertheless, there is much more scope to explore the culture and sightseeing attractions around Anjuna Beach around this time.

Anjuna Beach Shacks 

It is no news that Anjuna Beach is synonymous with its amazing shacks. One of the most famous shacks here is Curlies Beach Shack which has rooftop seating and amazing cocktails to sip on as you overlook the serene sands of the beach. Not only is it an amazing place to get some delicious food, the nightlife of this place is crazy good and you can also rent rooms here.

Another great beachside shack is Tantra which has a humble accommodation option and an eatery bustling with activity. Other shacks in Anjuna Beach are Cafe Lilliput, Purple Martini at Sunset Point, Sea Horse etc.

Anjuna Flea Market

The Anjuna Beach Flea Market, which is held here every Wednesday, draws in tourists from everywhere. The Anjuna flea market timings are usually from 9 AM, until sunset i.e. approximately 6 PM. Here you can find intricate sculptures, boho jewellery, flashy t-shirts, tote bags, colorful bed sheets and authentic spices.

The market usually starts in October and continues through May. The best time to visit the flea market is either during the morning or towards the evening hours when you can also see a glorious sunset.

Anjuna Beach Nightlife

Beachside revelry is one of the best things about Anjuna and there is a huge host of options to choose from. Delicious drinks, delectable Goan food and thumping music that will have youon your feet in no time. Some must-visit places include Curlies Beach Shack, Nyex Beach Club, Cafe Lilliput, Shiva Valley, Cafe Cotinga, Guru Bar and Club Zero Gravity

How To Reach Anjuna Beach

Anjuna Beach is located at an approximate distance of 21 km from Panaji and 11 km from Mapusa. Most popular options of transportation are mopeds, cars, or bicycles that can be rented from a number of private vendors in the area. Ideal cost for hiring a moped for one is between 350 - 600 INR, dpending upon the season you are visiting in. You will need to have a valid Driver's ID and a helmet which is now mandatory.You can also easily find a taxi or an auto-rickshaw off the main street or through a travel agency.

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