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Mahalasa Temple Goa, Goa Overview

Shri Mahalsa Temple is a half a century old temple dedicated to Goddess Mahalsa located in Mardol in North Goa. The temple is dedicated to Shri Mahalasa Narayani, who is also known of Mohini, an Avatar or incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Built in the traditional Hindu style of temple architecture, characterised by a splendid copper roof, a granite mandap and an ancient bell; the temple is a must visit for its calm and serene surroundings. Mahalasa Temple is also famous for its stunning idol of the deity that appears in different 'alankaars' (Jewelry) at different times. It is a must visit for those who wish to gain an insight into the culture of Goa that goes beyond beaches and partying.

It is believed that the temple was also once the place where divine judgements were carried out by the holy men to settle disputes of the land. The best time to visit the temple is on Sunday, which is regarded as the Goddess' day. On this day she is taken on a walk around the temple in a palanquin amid much pomp and show as well as the chanting of Bhajans and prayers. Please note, however, that western dressing and revealing clothing is strictly prohibited in the temple for both - men and women. There have been quite a few number of instances where devotees have been turned away for the same. Make sure that you dressed in modest attire, preferably Indian, when you plan your visit to this holy place.

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Legend of the Mahalsa Temple

The Mahalasa Narayani Temple Mardol is famous in Goa for its huge brass bell. Legends state that those who lie while ringing the bell will be punished by the Mahalasa Devi within a period of three days. The Portuguese, during their rule in Goa also firmly believed this and the testimony given at the Temple were regarded as the rule of law.

Festivals and Rituals

Sunday is regarded as the day of Mahalasa Devi. A grand celebration is held on the Sunday evening of every week. She is taken out from the temple on a Palkhi or a palanquin. During the Palkhi Seva, thousands of devotees throng the place and sing bhajans and daily prayers which is a part of the ritual. Also, if you are inside the Temple during the Palkhi Seva, you cannot step out from the temple while the event is going on. Another important festival in the temple is Navaratri, which lasts for the first fortnight of the month of the Ashwin, the Hindu calendar month that usually falls between September to October. This is the most important event in the Mahalasa Temple where devotees all across the Nation and the world gather at one place and perform the rituals in order to receive the blessings of the holy deity.

Prayer Timings of the Temple

You can visit the Mahalasa Temple any time especially during the daily ‘Aarti’ or offerings after which the Prasada is served. The Aartis are done every day at 12:30 pm and 8:30 pm. There is also a special weekly event performed every Sunday, which is regarded as Mahalasa Devi’s day. The Goddess is taken in her palanquin on these days.

How To Reach Mahalasa Temple Goa

The Mahalasa Temple is located in Mardol which is right beside the National Highway 4A. It is connected by three main towns of Goa, i.e. Panaji, Margao, and Ponda via a good network of roads. The temple is located around 21 km away from Panaji and approximately 9 km away from the nearer town of Ponda. While private transport may be the best option to give you flexibility there are also various state-run buses that pass through the town of Mardol. 

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