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Q. Expenses ?

Bapi Shaw

2 years ago
Five thousand

Q. Considering that Digha is really crowded and tourist-infested, how can one make the most of a short trip there?

Kaveesh Nair

3 years ago
You could try spending a few hours at Talsari beach. It isn't as crowded and is quite beautiful. Apart from that, a visit to Shankarpur merely 15km away won't be too bad either. It also has a nice be (Read More)ach and couple of temples in the region. However, nevermind the crowd, you should visit the Chandaneswar Shiv temple.

Q. How much cash or budget would be sufficient for 3days trip? Actually we are students not having that much budget. Plz suggest.

Surbhi Parashar Parashar

3 years ago
You can visit Digha on a shoe-string budget. Book hotels in advance and you can enjoy the a 3 days trip in less than 4000.

Q. How much minimum cash or budget would be sufficient for 3days trip? Actually we are students not having that much budget. Plz suggest. & is the place fun spending time with friends or for couples?


3 years ago
You can get the budget idea on this link - http://www.holidify.com/custom-package/?referrer=utm_source%3Dwebsite%26utm_medium%3Dheader%26utm_campaign%3Dheader Digha is a beautiful beach town and the (Read More)re are plenty of things to do here. This will help you in planning your trip- http://www.holidify.com/places/digha/
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Partha Khan

2 years ago
I like Digha as a perfect weekend outing spot and especially so because I love sea beaches. Though i visited Digha and its other nearby beaches like Udaipur, Tajpur, Mandarmani, Shankarpur etc. sever (Read More)al times, but still they attract me a lot whenever I think of a nearby weekend trip. "Link Hidden"

Surbhi Parashar Parashar

3 years ago
- Do not forget to carry mosquito repellent. Also, carry enough cash to last the trip since there are very few ATMs and even those are not completely reliable.

Sukanya Ghosh

3 years ago
The hotels usually face the beaches so they aren't far away from you. I've grown up going on weekend road trips to Digha and I swear by it, I highly recommend this small beach town for a trip. Food a (Read More)nd accommodation is standard. Beaches are crowded but you can find quiet spots. Great for new families and small children.

Couponsji India

3 years ago
good to see this blog, Bongs consider Digha as their second home and no one bother to write a blog about home, its really good to read. Specially through this blog I have explored a different aspect (Read More)of Digha that I never seen before even after visiting their several times. Digha attracts me for various fishes, the confluence and of course the drool-worthy crab.

Soumita Ghosh

3 years ago
Before stepping out into the beach, make sure to apply ample amounts of sunscreen to save yourself from being a victim to suntan, or worse, sunburn. Both Old Digha and New Digha have beaches with coo (Read More)l water that you can plunge into. However, Old Digha is relatively less crowded than the latter. So, if you are looking for a little quietude, set out for the beach at Old Digha. If you are looking for food that is not only delectable but also within your budget, then you are suggested to try out the thali which contains rice, dal, vegetables, and fish curry. You can check out the numerous dhabas at Digha for ordering the same.

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