Things to do in Dharamshala for a Thrilling Hill Town Vacay


Top things to do in Dharamshala

Dharamsala is the one essential stop before McLeodganj which boasts of a plethora of activities and places of tourist attraction. Owing to the hilly terrain, tea gardens and vibrant Buddhist culture, there is no dearth of things to do in Dharamsala. You can go trekking or visit the monasteries or just take a walk along the resplendent tea gardens. From lakes to monuments to temples and cultural centres, the place has it all. Have a look at the list of things to do in Dharamsala given below.

Here is the list of 14 Things to do in Dharamshala for a Thrilling Hill Town Vacay

1. Peek into the Buddhist Culture at Gyuto Monastery

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Gyuto Monastery is a Buddhist Monastery in Dharamsala focusing on Tantric meditation and ritual arts. The complex boasts of beautiful architecture and has a serene ambiance and aura. The monks have their houses along the path of the monastery. Visiting at the peaceful monastery is one of the top things to do in Dharamsala.

2. Explore the Dalai Lama Temple Complex

Replete with Tibetan culture, Dalai Lama Temple Complex also known as Tsuglakhang Temple is a politico- religious centre in Dharamsala. Ideal for peaceful meditation and religious rumination, the temple is full of lamas at all points of the day chanting on prayer wheels or beads. The temple is in close vicinity to the abode of Dalai Lama and is frequently visited by him to preach and conduct prayer meets. Popular for its beautiful setting, the temple complex has become a revered pilgrimage site for the Buddhists. In addition to this, the peaceful environs and ataraxy attracts tourists from all over the world. Visiting here is one of the top things to do in Dharamsala.

3. Experience the Exciting Trek to Triund

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Triund is a 9-km trek, 7 kms away from Dharamsala. It is situated at a great height and provides a mesmerizing view of the Moon Peak-Indera Pass. This is an ideal spot for picnics and the clean and pristine environment will surely rejuvenate your senses. If you are an adventure enthusiast or even a nature nature, trekking the trails at Triund should definitely be there on your bucket list of things to do in Dharamsala.

4. Gorge on Delicious Tibetan Food

One of the topmost things to do in Dharamsala is tasting the delectable Tibetan food. One can find a lot of restaurants and cafes here which serve decent food. Being dominated by the Tibetan culture one will mostly find Tibetan cuisine being served. Do try the momos, thukpas and other Tibetan dishes. Another speciality of this place is honey ginger lemon tea which is a very refreshing drink.

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5. Take a Walk in the Resplendent Tea Gardens

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The smallest tea region of India, Dharamshala has beautifully lined and organized tea gardens across the Kangra Valley. It is known for its good quality tea and is available for purchase in many shops across Dharamshala and Mcleodganj. Walking down the tea gardens and trying the premium quality tea is one of the top things to do in Dharamsala.

6. Find Peace at St. John in the Wilderness Church

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This neo-gothic church was built in 1852 and is one of the most important churches in Himachal Pradesh. Located near Dharamshala and on the way to Mcleodganj, this church was built in dedication to John the Baptist. It is the oldest built structure of Dharamsala. This church was built in dense woods that is why it is famous as 'St. John in the Wilderness'. Boasting of being one of the top tourist attractions in the city, visiting here is one of the prime things to do in Dharamsala.

7. Watch a Match at Dharamshala Cricket Stadium

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Nestled in the lap of the majestic Himalayan mountain range of Dharamshala lies a quaint little cricket stadium. Located at the height of 1,457 meters above sea level, it is one of the highest sports grounds in the world. Visiting a cricket stadium while in Dharamshala may sound like a strange thing to add to one’s itinerary, but the magnificent natural backdrop and the cool winds constantly drifting across the grounds is what makes a trip to HPCA Stadium (as it is also known) worth it. Indigo skies, an eternal stream of the fresh mountain breeze, and the vast expanse of lush green field offers a sensory experience like no other. With a view comparable to the Adelaide Oval or Newlands, this stadium competes with the best in terms of its magnificence and visiting here is one of the top things to do in Dharamsala.

8. Boating at Dal lake and Nadi

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Dal lake is 11 km from lower Dharamsala and lies in between hills and deodar trees. This is a starting point for trekking and excursion, which is covered around the lake to make the walk memorable. Small Shiva Temple is also situated on the banks of this lake. A lively fair is held here every September annually. Boating is a popular activity here and one of the best things to do in Dharamsala.

9. Trek to Bhagsu Falls

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Set amidst lush greenery and nature in its most pristine form, these falls are majestic and grand and should not be missed by all tourists travelling here. This place is spread over a vast expanse of land and can be reached through a short trek which is ideal even for amateurs. You can also find cafes on the way to tend to your hunger pangs with delicious food. Trekking here amidst surreal surroundings id one of the most thrilling things to do in Dharamsala.

10. Visit the Famous Aghanjar Mahadev Temple

Located 5 kms away from the town of Dharamsala in Khaniyara, at the foothills of Dhauladhar, Aghanjar Mahadev Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Believed to have been built around 500 years ago, the temple is nestled amidst bounteous forests and emerald mountain peaks. Other than the idyllic setting, a tiny cascading waterfall accentuates the beauty of the shrine. A small cave near the temple houses a shivalinga and has been marked as a revered spot of worship. Besides the pilgrims, the temple also attracts tourists in hordes owing to its serenity and tranquility. Be sure to include visiting here in your top list of things to do in Dharamsala.

11. Pay Your Respects at War Memorial

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War Memorial is situated in the pine forests near Dharamshala town and the journey itself to this place is totally worth it. There is the beautiful GPG College which was made during British Era. This is the memorial which has been made at the entrance point to Dharamsala in the memory of those who fought for saving our motherland. Be sure to include this in your top list of things to do in Dharamsala.

12. Offer Prayers at the Jwalamukhi Devi Temple

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Legends speak of a time when evil spirits landed the mountains and harassed the Gods. The gods decided to vanish them, directed by Lord Shiva. All the powers of the different Gods were focused and a huge flame rose from the base of the Earth. It is believed that Sati's tongue fell at Jwalaji from about 610 meters above the sea level and the goddess is manifested here and later a temple was created. Even the Pandavas are regarded to have visited this sacred place.

13. Admire the Relics at Kangra Art Museum

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The Kangra Museum is dedicated to the brilliant marvels of Tibetan and Buddhist artwork and their rich history. Its is situated near the bus station of Dharamshala. Among the variety of its precious collectibles are jewelry, rare coin memorabilia, paintings, sculptures and pottery. The essence of tribal culture is beautifully reflected in the exquisite pieces of art on their culture. Visiting the museum is one of the prime things to do in Dharamsala.

14. Seek Blessings at Bhagsu Nath Temple

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This temple is located at a height of 1770 m above sea level. Surrounded by beautiful pools and lush greenery, this temple attracts a lot of devotees and tourists throughout the year. The pools around this temple are believed to be sacred and contain miraculous powers of healing. The temple was built by King Bhagsu and is dedicated to Lord Shiva.

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