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Sprawling over a large forest area near Vasant Kunj in South Delhi, Sanjay Van is a thickly wooded area that serves as the city’s green lungs. Stretching over 3 sq. km of area, the forest is home to several avifauna species and diverse varieties of trees. Because of the same, Sanjay Van is frequented by a lot of birdwatchers and also cyclists who come here to ride in and breathe fresh air in the morning.

Sanjay Van is a pleasant escape into nature from the chaos and din of the city. Considered to be a favourite of the naturalists, the forest is home to a rich wildlife. Aside from birds that include Eurasian golden oriole, purple sunbird, Asian koel, Brahminy starling, Indian silverbill, white-throated kingfisher, grey-breasted prinia, crested honey buzzard, rufous treepie, and Indian paradise flycatcher etc., the forest also conserves habitat for jackals, snakes, nilgais and several species of butterflies etc.

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Haunting tales of Sanjay Van

Aside from the natural beauty, Sanjay Van is infamous for its haunting tales that it is ghosted by several spirits. The forest has several graves here and there that are the cause of origin of these stories. There are also some mausoleums of Sufi saints that can be found here. It is believed that a lot of locals passing near the forest at night have heard a child’s cry or the voices of clawing.

Several people also claim to have seen a woman walking around here in a white saree at night. They say she can be seen waiting on the road or walking around and asks for a lift from those who pass by. The spookiest thing is that she immediately disappears after, without leaving a trace.

Things to Do in Sanjay Van

  1. The prime thing to do in Sanjay Van is to go on a hike. Here you can take a walk amidst natural surroundings and admire the beauty of the forest.
  2. You can also come here with a pair of binoculars and indulge in some good old birdwatching. The forest is considered a haven for birdwatchers.
  3. There is also a quaint lake in the centre of the woods called the Neela Hauz Lake. You can carry a basket of food and spend some quality time by the lake.
    Neel Hauz Lake
  4. But the most favourite activity of the adventurists is to explore the forest at night and to check if the haunted tales are actually correct. However if you have a weak heart, refrain from doing so i.e. visiting here at night.


  1. It is advised to wear full length clothes as the forest might be infested with several insects.
  2. You should also wear flats, preferably sports shoes so that there is no difficulty in walking
  3. Also, remember to carry food and enough drinking water as there are no stalls or kiosks in the area.

How to Reach

Sanjay Van has several entry and exit points. However, the most easily accessible points are at the Qutub Institutional Area or at the Neela Hauz Bridge near Vasant Kunj.

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