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Bhuli Bhatiyari Ka Mahal, Delhi Overview

Situated near Karol Bagh neighbourhood in Delhi, Bhuli Bhatiyari ka Mahal is a ruined fort cum gateway structure that was originally built as a hunting lodge by Feroz Shah Tughlaq in the 14th century. Reverberating with an eerie silence and a spooky ambiance, the fort is infamous for its haunted stories and tales of paranormal activity that may be witnessed here, especially during the nights. To top that, there are no locks or chains on the gate but only a warning sign that says not to come here after sunset.

Nestled in between a dense forest, the monument is a protected monument under the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI). Surrounded by lush greenery and cooing of peacocks, there is not a lot to explore in the monument except two courtyards and few dilapidated rooms. However, the place is still a curious attraction and every day a lot of youngsters come here to explore the place and to verify the haunted tales. During the day time, you can also find a guard here who can satiate your curiosity.

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Legend of Bhuli Bhatiyari Ka Mahal

Bhuli Bhatiyari ka Mahal

It is believed that the Tughlaq Dynasty built this heritage fort in the 14th century as their hunting lodge. However, after it was abandoned by the Tughlaq Dynasty, it became the abode of the Sufi Saint who went by the name of ‘Bu Ali Bakhtiyari’. The current name is just a distorted version of the same.

Another story says that a woman named Bhatiyari was a lady from Rajasthan who lost her way and landed here at the ruins of the fort. After that the fort came to be called as the Bhuli Bhatiyari ka Mahal.

Architecture of Bhuli Bhatiyari Ka Mahal

Insides of the Fort

The architecture of Bhuli Bhatiyari ka Mahal resembles another monument - Malcha Mahal - built by the Tughlaq Dynasty. The fort has two entrances and the facade is protected by bastions like in a fort. As you enter the dilapidated rubble masonry gate, opens to a courtyard. The other cobbled gate also leads to the same. On the side, there are rooms which were built by the emperor and a flight of stairs leading to a semi circular structure. There is also a newly made toilet in a corner that was built by Delhi Tourism in order to promote tourism. But yes, that didn’t turn out too well!

Haunted Stories of Bhuli Bhatiyari Ka Mahal

Bhuli Bhatiyari ka Mahal

As stated earlier, Bhuli Bhatiyari ka Mahal is known to be one of the most haunted places in Delhi. The area is infamous for its spooky atmosphere, eerie ambiance and apparently there have been sightings of paranormal activities after sunset. According to a few people, there have seen a shadow of a woman lurking here at night. So much so, that even the guards are scared of these stories. Therefore, no guard stays here after 5:30. The police barricades the area and entry is restricted. 

Some people also claim that they saw a white wall here in the adjacent woods. And they photographed it. But when they went back and got the photographs developed, the wall went missing. They also went back in search of the wall but could never find it.

How to Reach

The nearest metro station to Bhuli Bhatiyari ka Mahal is Jhandewalan Metro Station situated on the Blue line. Once you get down, you will spot the iconic Hanuman statue on the side of the road. The monument is just 250 m from the statue so you can either walk or take a rickshaw. As you cross the statue, there is a circle from where you will need to turn left towards the Vande Mataram Marg. 15 m from the road you will see the Bajaj Bagga Link on the hill. On the right is a Dargah. Here itself, you will spot police barricades, start walking in that direction towards the woods. Another little distance from here, you will find yourself at the destination.

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