How to Reach Coonoor

Coonoor is located close to Kochi, Coimbatore and Bangalore and is easy to reach via road or rail. The nearest airport is Coimbatore which is just under 100 kilometres away and is well connected via road to Coonoor. The toy train in Ooty is also a good option from where a bus or taxi can be taken. Road connectivity is excellent to all major cities around it. International flights are connected to Coonoor via the Bangalore of Thiruvananthapuram airport from where buses and taxi services run by both private and government companies are available.

Most frequently searched routes to Coonoor

Route Name Distance Time
Bangalore to Coonoor 293 km 6 hours 44 mins
Hyderabad to Coonoor 867 km 14 hours 25 mins
Chennai to Coonoor 547 km 9 hours 2 mins
Mumbai to Coonoor 1,188 km 19 hours 24 mins
Delhi to Coonoor 2,464 km 1 day 14 hours
Pune to Coonoor 1,045 km 17 hours 24 mins
Ooty to Coonoor 20.2 kms 37 minutes

How to reach Coonoor by flight

Coonoor does not have an airport, and the Coimbatore airport is the closest domestic airport. Flights to Coimbatore from all major cities in India are operated by all airlines, and there are daily flights from Bangalore, Chennai and Mumbai. Bangalore is the closest international airport and connects to all major cities either directly or via Mumbai. From Coimbatore, you can either hire a taxi for a two-hour journey through a breathtaking road to Coonoor or get till Mettupalayam to catch the toy train for Coonoor.

Nearest Airport: Coimbatore Airport (CJB) - 45 kms from Coonoor

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How to reach Coonoor by road

Road transport is the most convenient and cheapest way to travel to Coonoor from nearby airports and train stations. Because of the hilly terrain, it 's hard to lay train tracks, and so all transport has been diverted to roads. There are buses operated by the government and private players to all neighbouring major cities including all five southern state capitals. Taxis and cars for hire are also available from many surrounding destinations.

How to reach Coonoor by train

Coonoor does not have a railway station of its own because of the extreme height and steep terrain. The nearest railway station is Mettupalayam which is 45 kilometres away. Coimbatore junction is more well connected with the rest of India and is about 75 kilometres away. Regular bus and taxi services connect these railheads to Coonoor.

Local transport in Coonoor

Commuting within Coonoor is easy as local transport is widely available. 

Local city buses serve as a good option if you want a transport option which lets you explore the entire city without great cost. The only downside is the frequent stops made by the buses along the way. The cost of transport in local buses ranges from INR 100-150 per day, depending on the destinations you visit and trips you take. Rickshaws also ply frequently and you can hire one to get around the town. You may need to do a little bargaining to get a fair deal with the rickshaw pullers and the price will depend upon the destination.

Cab rentals are a slightly higher cost but convenient option to explore the surroundings. Prices start from INR 800 for a one day trip in Non AC cars and go up to INR 2,000 for Maxi Cabs. If you want to rent a cab on per kilometre basis, the tariff starts from INR 15 per km for Non AC cars and goes up to INR 32 for 20 seater coaches. Driver allowances, ranging from INR 200-300 per day, parking charges, and toll fee are extra and payable by the tourist.

Coonoor is a peaceful place and idling around on a bicycle is a wonderful option to take in the beauty and serenity. Cycle rentals are available on an hourly as well as a daily basis and the rent starts from INR 20 per hour.

Bikes and Scooters are available in nearby Ooty which are a fast and economical option to travel around. The average rental starts from INR 500 per day.

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