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The Fort area in Colombo has a busy harbour, the stock exchange and the World Trade Centre, which is the country's biggest building. Apart from that, this area is rich in political and cultural heritage. However, due to the turmoil of the Civil War, large parts of it are shut down. But nevertheless, this dynamic district offers everything from food and heritage to nightlife and casinos.

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Where to Eat in Fort-Colmbo

1. Chinese Dragon Cafe-fort on 7 Canal Row Road
Cost for two:2000
LKR approx.closes at 10 pm2. Graze Kitchen

Open: 6:30 am to 10 pm
Cost for two:3300LKR approx.
3. Botanic Rooftop Bistro in Fairway Colombo, a 4-star hotel
Open from 12 pm to 1 am
Cost for two:4000LKR approx.

Nightlife in Fort-Colombo

Apart from being an economic zone,fort area also has lit nightlife. For instance, if you are looking for a place for gambling, which is abolutely legal in Sri Lanka, you can go to bellagio’s,bally’s casino,stardust and MGM.

If you are looking forward to grab a drink:
  • Botanik rooftop Bistro and Bar serves great cocktails.
  • The Re.Pub.Lk :serves drinks and and has a friendly atmosphere.(opens:5pm)
  • Taphouse by RnR,it is a good place for a chill out.
  • Honey beach Club: Here one can grab a drink and dance or chill by the pool.
  • In...on the Green:It is a small bar with live music and lively crowd.
  • Ce La Vi Colombo:has lively atmosphere and cocktails.
  • Stella:It is a fun karaoke bar in fort area.

Famous Places to Visit in and around Fort-Colombo

1.World Trade Centre
The World Trade Center is Sri Lanka’s tallest building and the fourth tallest twin tower building in South Asia. This building is the emblem for Colombo's increasingly caruscating world business,offering state-of-the-art offices and facilities alongside several restaurants, shops and other entertainment venues. It consists of international organisations and stores which sells products which are hard to find in any part of the country. So, the visitors can enjoy relishing to that. the World Trade Center is one of Sri Lanka’s most admired modern buildings and a sign for its commercial aspirations, so it’s worth a visit.

2. Old Colombo Lighthouse
It used to be a lighthouse for the bay, but when tall, commercial buildings started rising at Chatham Street, it could no longer fulfill its purpose. In previous decades the tower gave the time to workers who were unable to afford a watch of their own. This elegant Victorian Tower guided safe entry into the harbor as it shone upto seventeen miles in the sea. Large areas of the harbor are still fenced off, meaning that visitors are not allowed to climb to the top due to security issues. So the visitors have the see this from the exterior part of the fence.

3. Beirei Lake
Walking along the bay of Beira Lake, cleansing your lungs with fresh air and soaking in the diverse atmosphere of Sri Lanka is all that you would wanna do at the end of your day. Surrounded by lush greenery, enjoy a walk around the lake or rent a swan boat and paddle around the waters.Additionally, the visitors can be awed by the Seema Makala, a beautiful temple for peace.

4. The Dutch Hospital
A hospital in colonial times, it is now a famous shopping precinct in Colombo and visitors can browse the numerous shops inside the wings of the building or enjoy some sumptuous Sri Lankan or international cuisine at any one of the many restaurants inside it. 

5.The Last King's Jail Cell
As we already told you, Sri Lanka has its own spectacular history worth a study. King Sri Wickrama Rajasinghe, the last King of Kandy, who reigned from 1798 to 1815, was temporarily imprisoned in the cell after his surrender to Sir Robert Brownrigg, a British governor. It isn't that striking to visitors from outside but inside the cell, they can see hanging portraits of kings and queens as well as learn about their achievements like such as the construction of the moat surrounding the famous Temple of the Tooth as well as the Kandy Lake which makes it worth a visit.

6.St. Peter’s Church
St. Peter's Church is one of the oldest continuously functioning churches in Colombo, Sri Lanka. It is located on Church Street in Colombo Fort, on the northern side of the Grand Oriental Hotel.

7. Harbour Court
It’s a premium restaurant located nearby Kingsbury Hotel and is known for offering numerous sumptuous dishes with Indian,South East Asian,Western and Japanese dishes. Whether you choose to dine on the terrace or in the indoor you will get to enjoy the stunning views of the Indian Ocean.
With an interactive food station you will be able to see the chefs prepare mouthwatering dishes.The comfort and delicious food offered by this elegant restaurant gives you a memorable dining experience.

9. The Sambodhi Chaithya
An impressive architectural construction with an eclectic design,built in the 1950s to serve as a monument for ocean ships. Visitors can climb up the 300 stairs to reach the top and admire the inside of the beautifully decorated stupa. As with all Buddhist temples, it gives you a peaceful and enchanting experience.

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