Vivekananda House

Also Refered As:

Ice House

Vivekananda House, Chennai Overview

Vivekananda House also popularly known as The Ice House, is a shrine and pilgrimage centre for the admirers and followers of Swami Vivekananda. It is in this house that Swami Vivekananda stayed for six weeks in 1900.

Built way back in 1877 or much earlier, the two-story house is a chef d'oeuvre of Victorian architecture with its distinctive designs of sunburst and saddleback roofs. The bedroom where Vivekananda spent six weeks is now a safe haven for all those who want to meditate and attain inner peace. When here, you can see the table at which he dined, placed beautifully downstairs near the fireplace. Devotees can stroll through the kitchen where he cooked his simple food, the parlor where he spoke and the garden where he frequently played with the children. These materiallistic reminders of the life of Swami Vivekananda breath a new life into the eminent yet simple principles for which he stood all along his life.

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