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Timings : Monday - Friday: 10:30 AM - 6:30 PM
Saturday - Sunday: 10:30 AM - 7:30 PM
It stays open till 7:30 PM during the peak seasons of summer vacation - mid-April to the end of May and winter seasons - mid-December to the end of January.

Time Required : 4-5 hours

Entry Fee : The park gives out jumbo packages right at the entrance so that you do not have to get separate tickets at every ride. With this one-time payment, you will be eligible for all the rides throughout the park.
Adults: INR 699
Children: INR 549

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MGM Dizzee World, Chennai Overview

MGM Dizzee World is one of the largest and oldest amusement parks in India. It boasts of having had given its visitors some unique experiences, many of which were first-timers. It brought Jurong's Bird Show from Singapore to India way back in 1999. It also had a hot air balloon ride in 1998, and even though it sounds unbelievable, there were arrangements for picking up and dropping visitors on a helicopter back in 2000 - probably the first time in the history of entertainment park business.

All the rides in MGM Dizzee World are created and engineered keeping in mind the visitors' enjoyment. There are extreme level thrill rides, but nice and enjoyable ones are there too. The park has something for all age group. There are a plethora of children's rides scattered all around the park, as well as activities that other members of the family can enjoy. The amusement park offers an ideal venue for a tremendous day-out excursion with your family and kids. It also has an aqua park, fitted with various fun-filled rides and activities like artificial ocean waves, which you can enjoy with your friends and family.

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Thriller & Adventure Rides at MGM Dizzee World

MGM Dizzee World is full of adventure and high thrill rides. Some of them are traditional ones, which you have seen before in many places like the water coaster, star wheel and big wheel which are varieties of the old-school Ferris wheel, Disco Saucer, Dodgem Car and the crowd-favorite Caribbean Swing -  tese are popular crowds of MGM Dizzee World. However, it is the other high thrill rides that visit this amusement park worth your money. Among the best rides that will give you an adrenaline rush, a few are:

Creeper Bug: Sitting chairs attached at the end of a giant spider and the legs spin round as well as go up and down.

Kamikaze Ranger: A G-force ride where there are riding seats at the end of two beams which form an X going up and coming down using gravity and the two cars cross each other in mid-air.

Nilgiri Express: A train car with individual seats that takes you spinning around like a carousel.

Revolution: A giant rotating cage where you will be pinned to the sides, and the whole ride starts to rotate with both sides taking a turn and rising into the air like a toppling bowl.

Rock o Plane: A different take on a Ferris wheel where there is a star like design within the circle.

Roll o Roll: A high adrenaline ride, where you will be sitting inside a circular car which will rotate around itself, as the whole ride also spins around.

Rolling Thunder: This will take you on an extremely high thrill adventure ride on a two loop roller coaster with the cars spiraling up the track and then facing a sudden drop.

Tomb Raider: Another roller coaster train ride with four-seater cars.

Wave Swinger: You will be sitting on a chair that is hung with ropes as the ride spins around swinging you in the air along with it.

Children's Ride at MGM Dizzee World

The big thriller rides might be too scary and unsafe for the small children. So, the park has arrangements for them as well, so that your tiny tots can have just as much fun. Batman Jet, Caterpillar, Jurassic Train, Mini Slambam, Rough Rider, Scooty Ride are all the car and train rides for the kids. There are some more funny ones as well. Shoe House, Stone House and Mushroom House are entertaining places, and the kids will be safe on their own too.

There are a few exciting rides made suitable for young kids also so that they do not feel left out in the adventure. Elephant Safari, Kid's Dodgem, Rocket Tower and Tora Spin are few of them. Granny Bug is a carousel designed for the children where the horses are low height, and everything is very colourful. Cup Saucer is the best among all the children's rides. Though it is only a carousel of sorts, the seats all look like teacups and are placed on saucers, and at the centre, there is a big teapot around which the cups rotate. The whole ride looks like a big round tea tray.

The Dizzee Express is a water-based ride for the children, which swishes through water, but it is much safer than water coaster.

Family Rides at MGM Dizzee World

MGM Dizzee World is not all about thrill rides and kid's fun. There are several options where the whole family can have fun together.

Carnival Games: You can play small, silly games like the dart or throwing the ball and win exciting prizes.

Imagine: It is a simulation ride where you can enjoy various movements as if you were inside a real-life video game.

The water park: A large area of MGM Dizzee World is the water park. There is a huge splash pool along with a false waterfall, a mini ocean where artificial waves are created so that you can have as much fun as in a beach and there are various water rides as well.

Other than these, there are paddle boating, regular carousel, Fun World - gaming arcade where you can put in coins in the machine and play games, and a whole lot of other fun rides.

Facilties at MGM Dizzee World

Car Parking 
The parking lot is right opposite the main entrance to MGM Dizzee World. It can accommodate 500 cars, 50 buses and 750 two-wheelers at a time. The parking area has 24x7 security, washroom facilities and availability of drinking water.

Eating Options
The amusement park has a vegetarian food court called Fortyellow. It serves delicious vegetarian dishes and has a capacity of seating 500 guests together. There is also a themed multicuisine restaurant which can cater to 300 guests at a time.

Cab Service
Fast Track is the travelling partner of MGM Dizzee World. So, if you hire a Fast Track cab to arrive at the venue, you will be getting a 20% discount on entry fare. There is a booth of the cab agency at the park as well, from where you can rent a taxi to get back to your hotel or residence.

Other than these, MGM Dizzee World has the regular customer care and first aid kiosks in various spots inside the park. The water park has separate changing rooms and washrooms.

How To Reach MGM Dizzee World

MGM Dizzee World is situated around 35 kilometres from the main city of Chennai. It is right on the much popular East Coast Road. So, you can reach there using public buses. However, if you are more comfortable with cars or cabs, you can avail that too. Travelling by Fast Track cabs will get you discount on entry ticket.

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