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Food of Canary Islands

The cuisine of Canary Islands is a blend of Spanish, Latin and African food. Most of the dishes use a lot of fresh vegetables, fruit, fishes, and consist mostly of light meals in order to cope with the slightly warm climate. Meat is generally consumed as steaks or stews. There is a wide variety of recipes available with fish. Caldereta, a meal with tomatoes, goat meat and potatoes and Sancocho Canario, a salted fish dish in mojo sauce is very popular in the region. The Tapas concept is also very famous which refers to a light piece of food that Spaniards have before their meal. Some other dishes to try in the Canaries are plantain bananas, Papas Arrugadas(Potatoes boiled in salted water), Conejo en salmorejo, Miel de Palma(Palm Honey), Arepas (tortas made with corn flour and filled with minced meat and cheese) and Mousse de Gofio( a dessert made with gofio).

Food for Indians in Canary Islands

Indian food is available in most of the major cities in the Canaries. Gran Canaria is home to a lot of authentic Indian restaurants. Mr India restaurant, Taste of India, Happy Valley Indian Restaurant, Misba and Zayka are a few places where one can gorge on proper Indian food. Getting vegetarian dishes is also not a problem, as there are a lot of options in paneer and other vegetables for the Indians.

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