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How to Reach Busan from India

One can sail to Busan from the port of Mumbai and Chennai or fly there via AirAsia, Air India, Jet Airways.

How to reach Busan by flight

Serviced by Gimhae International Airport located in Gangseo-gu. This connects Busan to different parts of Korea and the world.

How to reach Busan by road

People can drive into the city though it is not a popular option for travel.

How to reach Busan by train

Gyeongbu Line is one of the most important line going through Busan connecting it to major cities like - Seoul and Daegu.

How to reach Busan by bus

Nopodong Bus Terminal and Seobu Bus Terminal are the two major terminals in Busan and connects it to major cities through bus services.

How to reach Busan by Waterways

Ferries leaving from Busan connects it to places in Japan like Osaka.

Local transport in Busan

Tourists can get around the city on buses, taxis, subways and bikes.

Busan Photos

Busan , South-Korea

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