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"The Athens of America"

Boston Tourism

Boston is the largest city in Massachusetts, the testifier of the American Revolution and an international hub for education. Boston takes pride in its rich history and is counted as one of the oldest cities in America. Popularly known as "Beantown", the name that's originated from Boston baked beans, a dish that was created during the colonial times. 

Boston is a walkable city accomodating exciting neighbourhoods, Red Sox fans and some vintage streets with cobblestones pavements. You can either take a stroll in the legendary times around Freedom Trail, stock up your knowledge banks by visiting museums, or simply walk on the Charles River Esplanade (you can even go for boating on the river).

The New England style cuisine is going to impress your taste buds anyway, so keep your nostrils active for some fresh aromas. If you want to take a break from historic expeditions, you can head to Boston's Public Garden, Franklin Park Zoo or the New England Aquarium. With enthusiastic jaywalkers around, the narrow and crowded streets are sure to entice you. 

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Currency in Boston

All transactions take place only in US Dollars in the entire country. Credit and Debit Cards are accepted at most of the places, but its a nice idea to carry some cash along with you all the time.

Shopping in Boston

Although there are a few malls such as Cambridgeside Galleria and Copley Place and Prudential Center, you can turn down to some local shopping areas like Newbury Street, Downtown Crossing and Charles St.

Nightlife in Boston

Boston is referred to as a 'drinking town'. It enjoys an enthralling nightlife, with plenty of bars, night clubs and dive bars. The major hotspot areas to bump into are Canal Street, Boylston Street, Landdowne Street and Fenway area.

History of Boston

The city was found in 1630 by Puritan colonists. Prior to colonization, it was a town named Shawmut. An unfortune fire took place in 1760, and turned most of the town into ashes. Boston has always been an important place in terms of history, culture, politics and economy. During the colonial period, Boston was an important center of revolutionary activities for independence in the 18th century. The city witnessed various wars and massacres, and its significant role in getting freedom gave it the name- 'The Cradle of Liberty'. Boston started developing as a metropolitan in the 19th century. The city has made noteworthy contributions towards education, development and art, and still boasts as an important city in United States.

Language of Boston

English is the major language spoken. Locals in Boston ain't friendly with the letter 'R'. So you'll probably see them parking the 'cah' or standing on the 'floah'. Pro tip: Don't try to copy this accent, locals are likely to get irked.

Boston Customs

People in Boston usually dress casually, and black is their favorite color. A firm handshake is preferred to greet a person. 15 to 20% on your bill should be offered as a tip at any restaurant. If you're in a group of more than 6 people, the tip is likely to be added in the bill in advance. Get it clear with the cashier before paying. Be kind, waiters are paid less here.

Religion of Boston

61.31% of the total population in Boston is religious; out of which 47.05% follow Catholicism, 5.48% belong to another Christian faith, while the rest share small portions of the population, such as LSD, Jews, Islamic and an eastern faith.

Daily Budget for Boston

If you're on a budget trip, you'd easily sort your expenses around USD 70. Mid-ranged choices will raise this bar upto USD 120 - 140, while a luxurious trip would cost more than USD 240 per day. This budget estimate includes water, food, getting around, drink, tips, entertainment and other petty expenses.

Exchanging Money in Boston

You can get your currency exchanged at any bank or exchange center in the city, these are a lot in number. Still, the best option is to use ATMs to withdraw cash, or pay using your Debit/Credit Cards; this way you can get the best deals for making transactions in a foreign currency.

Best Time to Visit Boston

How to Reach Boston

How to Reach Overview

General Edward Lawrence Logan International Airport serves as the gateway for international tourists to Boston. From here, you can use a bus or subway to get into the city.

How to reach Boston by flight

The Logan International Airport welcomes flights from selected International cities along with cities accross the country, which is the major way to get in Boston. 50 miles North of Boston is the Manchestar-Boston Regional Airport, which can be used for flying to nearby cities.

How to reach Boston by road

Taxis can be hired for getaways from Boston, but they cost a lot. Self-driving is not recommended. Rail and buses are still the best options.

How to reach Boston by train

Amtrak rail services enable you to traverse to nearby cities from Boston.

How to reach Boston by bus

Buses from various companies are available for commuting to cities around Boston.

How to reach Boston by waterways

The Black Falcon Cruise Terminal is the port in Boston for cruise ships. Water shuttles and taxis can be taken to reach Cambridge, which is just a river away from Boston.

Local transport in Boston

Boston is a walk-friendly city. Unless you need to go away from the city center, you can cover the distance on ¾foot. For distant locations, the subway system (known as "T") is the best option. Along with subway system, the MBTA also provides bus and water shuttle services.Other ways to get around some parts of the city include using a taxi or water taxi.

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FAQs on Boston

What are the places near Boston?

The top places near to Boston are New york city which is 306 km from Boston, Washington dc which is located 633 km from Boston, Baltimore which is located 578 km from Boston, Las vegas which is located 3814 km from Boston, Los angeles which is located 4170 km from Boston

What are the top hotels in Boston?

There are 417 in Boston which can be booked through Holidify. The most popular hotels in Boston are Spacious 1 bed, sleeps 4, Churchill Living Fenway Triangle, Churchill Living Vesta Apartments, Luxury Harvard/MIT Victorian, A Stylish Stay w/ a Queen Bed, Heated Floors.. #31, Cheap, Furnished Studio in Downtown Boston #7. You can see all the hotels in Boston here

What is the best way to reach Boston?

General Edward Lawrence Logan International Airport serves as the gateway for international tourists to Boston. From here, you can use a bus or subway to get into the city.
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What is the local food in Boston?

Just like most of the New England's cuisine, the food in Boston is concentrated mainly on seafood and dairy. Maine Lobster Roll and Clam Chowder are some dishes you shouldn't skip while your visit in DC (Neptune Oyster would be the best to taste these). You must also consider trying 'Egg in the jar' in West Bridge. Boston Cream Pie at Mike's Pastry is a Boston speciality dessert you should look for to pamper your sweet tooth.
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What is the best time to visit Boston?

The best time to visit Boston is during summer to mid-fall from June to October. The weather during summer remains pleasant with the temperature ranging from 15 degrees to 28 degrees celsius. Spring is considered as the shoulder season in Boston due to the cold and dry climate, hence from March to May the number of tourists tend to decline during the Fall, so you can get fairly good deals for your stay. The summer is regarded as the peak season here, due to warm and balmy climate that is favourable for outdoor activities. The fall is dry and colder as the winters hence, it is considered as an offseason.
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