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Balinghai Beach, Boracay Overview

Located between the Diniwid Beach to the South and Punta Bunga Beach to the north, Balinghai Beach is a small coastal beach in Boracay that is only visible during the low tides. Looming above the pristine beach is a high cliff and under it, you can enjoy a quiet romantic dinner without any other person in the vicinity. The beach has been bought by the Balinghai Beach Resort and the presence of rocky cliffs have led to the formation of unique room like structure where you can enjoy a meal or some quality time with your loved one. However, to visit the beach, it is not necessary to stay overnight at the resort.

Littered with lava rocks, which add to the beauty of tranquil beach, Balinghai Beach is also known for adventure activities like snorkelling and scuba diving etc. In the near vicinity, you can find a small restaurants and a bar that can cater to your hunger pangs. Besides, another activity to enjoy at the beach is paraw sailing (i.e. boat ride), which is also one of the easiest ways to reach the beach. Photoshoots are also a common practice at the beach.

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Things to Do on Balinghai Beach

  1. Diving and Swimming

    Some of the top activities to do on the beach other than ofcourse relaxing and unwinding, is diving and swimming. Other than Scuba Diving and Snorkelling, you can also just simply jump in the clear blue waters and enjoy a swim amidst tranquil atmosphere and a gorgeous setting. 
  2. Balinghai Beach Boracay Rock House

    Located at a distance of 10 m away from the beach is the stunning Balinghai Beach Boracay Rock House. Boasting of gorgeous views of the ocean, the rock house is a dainty cottage ideal for two people (can also accommodate kids if required). The rock house is priced very decently and can be rented in less than a hundred dollars even during prime peak time.
  3. Balinghai Beach Boracay Tree House

    Balinghai Beach Boracay Tree House is situated at a distance of 25 m up north of Balinghai Beach. Just as the name suggests, the tree house is cooped up in the thickets of a tree with a gorgeous pleasant and blooming garden on the front. It is a two bedroom house with stunning views of the ocean and the hillock and is ideal for both families and couples.
  4. Balinghai Beach Boracay Bat House

    This one is cottage with an exterior resembling those of a bat and is situated 25 m over a small beach. Again, this one is ideal for couples but can accommodate kids if need be.

How to Reach

The beach can be reached through two ways. One is of course through the entrance of the Balinghai Beach Resort. This is slightly more complicated since you will first have to hire a tricycle or another form of public transport to get to the resort. From here, you will have to alight down a flight of around 150 - 200 steps to reach the beach. The other option is to rent a paraw from nearby beaches like White Beach or Diniwid Beach and sail here to the Balinghai Beach. This is not only easier and less time consuming but is also more aesthetic rouet of the two. The tentative cost for hiring a paraw is around PHP 500.

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