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Willy’s Rock, Boracay Overview

Located on the Station 1 of the Boracay Beach, Willy’s Rock is a natural volcanic rock formation, with lave and rock, on the immaculate shores of the beach which is a major tourist attraction. The rock formation gets submerged during high tide and is only visible like an islet. However, when the tides are low, you can view the entire magnificent structure that looks like a gigantic castle-like to some and like a battleship to the others.

Basically it is a three rock structure sprinkled with a few palm trees and peppered with shrubs. There is also a chapel at the top on one of the corners, with a 1.2 m tall statue of Blessed Virgin Mary. It can be reached through a flight of stairs from the bottom. Boasting of mesmerising sunsets and a pristine natural ambiance, the spot is thronged by thousands of tourists. The place als has a few bars and cafes in the vicinity which sell refreshments and beverages. Boasting of enchanting panoramic vistas of the ocean, the place is also one of the top photographed places in the Philippines.

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