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Timings : 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Time Required : 1 - 2 hrs

Entry Fee : PHP 120

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Mount Luho, Boracay Overview

Perched at an elevation of 100 metres from the sea level, Mount Luho is the highest vantage point in Boracay boasting of stunning views of the east coast and three gorgeous beaches below. Although not a very majestic one, the mountain has three small viewing deck that attracts a lot of tourists. On the trek up the mountain, there is a dainty Bulabog Village where you can sit and relax and listen to the peace and quiet and occasional chirping of the birds. From the village, the path leading uphill has a proper entrance with an entry tickets that leads to the top.

In addition to this, there is also a small zoo on the way up to the deck on the hill. Here you can spot some mammals and avian species that include monkeys, brahminy kites, bearcats, lesser frigatebirds, and chinese chickens etc. Besides, you can also enjoy the activity of ziplining from one of the decks. The mountain also boasts of amazing sunset views. However, according to the locals, the sunrise is much better as it is free of the visiting crowds and tourist chaos.

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Things to Do at Mount Luho

There are three vantage points on the top of the mountains which are equipped with viewfinders and binoculars. From here you can have stunning panoramic vistas and mesmerizing views of the eastern coast of Boracay which include Bulabog Beach, Puka Beach, Ilig-Iligan Beach, and some of the most enchanting golf courses.
  1. Stoy Mt. Luho Viewpoint

    Stoy Mt. Luho Viewpoint is the oldest viewpoint at the mountain top. It is made of bamboo and wood, and also has a wooden bamboo bridge leading up to it. The deck offers sweeping views of the surroundings. But it is temporarily under maintenance and is closed for the time being.
    Stoy Viewpoint
  2. Mt. Luho View Deck

    Mt. Luho View Deck is the new one on the spot. The path leading upwards has the small zoo that is the highlight of the vantage point. It is basically just a series of steel steps. The first elevation has a heart shaped frame at the end that is meant for couples and romantic photoshoots. The second elevation has a mini bar, a small eatery and a tiny social space laden with chairs and tables. The final deck is the most beautiful one which has no clutter but just amazing views of the blue skies above and the stunning beaches below.
  3. Happy Planet

    This deck is situated at a little distance away from the other decks. This is where the adventurous sports and activities take place. Aside from the thrilling zipline rides, you can also enjoy a ride in the cable car.

How to Reach

The vantage point can be reached through a shorton the trek from the adventurous Bulabog Beach. There is a wooden and concrete staircase made on the side of the beach leading up to the beach. It is an easy trek which usually takes around 10 minutes. You can also hire a tricycle to reach the beach at a minimal cost of around PHP 150.

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