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Brazilian cuisine comprises of a bold mixture of African, European and native Indian cuisines making it as varied as the geography of the country. The gastronomy of Minas Grerais (Miniera) is a unique blend of these influences to create a compltely different style believed to be the true essence of Brazilian cuisine. Food and cooking is something which every resident hold dear and treat with honor. The gastronomy here include elements such as cheese, stew, desserts and sweets from the time when Brazil was a Portugese colony. To get a taste of the local 'Miniera' food head to Xapuri at Mandacaru, and if international food is what you are looking for, A Favorita located at Santa Catarina is your stop.

Food for Indians in Belo Horizonte

Belo Horizonte might not have the culinary diversity like Brasilia but it does have a few Indian restuarants to satisfy the homely food cravings of the Indian traveller. Namaste and Maharaj are the best reviewed Indian restaurants in BH and offer authentic Indian food and a beautiful setting. Since Brazilian food is mostly comprises of meat based dishes, Belo Horizonte does not have many options for a pure veg restuarant. However, Krishna restaurant located at R. Ametista is a Jain restaurant. Yan Shan Jay located at Avenue Getulio Vargas is a vegetarian restuarant and has Indian items on its menu.

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