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Tech Curious

1 year ago
Bardhaman is a town and is the district capital of Purba Bardhaman zilla of west bengal. Tourist attractions like Sarbamangala temple, 108 shiva temple, bijoy toran etc. Lots of sweet dishes availabl (Read More)e including the hallmark sweets of BardhamannSitabhog mihidana. But I found people of Bardhaman are a little conservative and arrogant natured.

Surbhi Parashar

4 years ago
- There are many myths surrounding its name. A very popular one being that it was named after Varddhamana, the 24th Jain Tirthankar. Bardhaman is considered to be one of the oldest places in West Ben (Read More)gal and rightly so. It has roots extending centuries back into history.
- Bardhaman is a very religious town. There is a general spiritual air about the place, even though it doesn't seem so on the exterior.

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Q. full details about guide,hottels and trasportation at there


4 years ago
You can find all the details here-
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