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Anyer Beach is located in Banten, facing Mount Rakata, making it possible to view the amazing sunset. Its location in the west of Java and about 120km from Jakarta makes this the perfect diving spot for the divers in Jakarta, especially during the weekends, where the beach tends to get really crowded, with the tourists and the locals.

The various activities that you can find in the Anyer beach includes, Jet Ski, Speedboats, Parasailing and diving. Where you can see the unique corals and marine life at the beach. Yet another attraction at this beach is the Old Lighthouse at Cikoneng on top of the legendary volcano Krakatau, out of which only a part remains after the explosion of 1833. 

The next reason for which many tourists come at Anyer Beach is its beautiful sunset view that the beach offers. The beach is also located in the center where it is easy to access many hotels, ranging from hotel Jasmine to international five star hotels. Anyer is also one of the most famous resorts in Jakarta.

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Things to Do

Krakatau island has some fun adventures like hiking and camping. At Sanghyang fishing can also be arranged for, including kite flying, beach volleyball and football are some of the activities that you can do in and around the beach area. 

After having a fun time at the beach, you can also do a bit of shopping where you can buy handicrafts, souvenirs, silverwork, batiks, cotton handbags, bone carvings, shell ornaments, ceramics, basketry, and statues carved in wood. 

Need to Know

  • By car from Jakarta which takes about 2.5- 3 hours.
  • By bus you need to take Merak.
  • And another bus to Labuan, which will stop at Anyer.
  • Flights are available from Jakarta and Denpasar. 

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