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Sathorn Unique Tower, Bangkok Overview

Standing with a whopping 49 storeys (including two dungeon dark underground levels), the Sathorn Unique Tower is one of those skyscraper buildings in Bangkok which never got completed due to the Asian Financial Crisis of 1997. The views of the city from the floors of the Sathorn Unique Towers intensify as you ascend them one by one. But be careful while you do so since there have been incidents which regard the place as “Haunted”!

Yes, that’s right. Frequent incidents of people found dead on different floors of the building has only added tags like “paranormal” and “spooky” to the fame of the building over the years. Hence, if you are an adventure freak who loves exploring such places, or someone who loves reading and hunting about ghosts, the Sathorn Unique Tower is the right place for you to airdrop yourselves at!

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Why named "The Ghost Tower"?

There are many speculations about why the Sathorn Unique Tower has been entitled to a new synonym, namely “The Ghost Tower”. Since the construction works of the building stopped in 1997, the Sathorn Unique Tower has undergone a devastating and disheartening transformation. While it was potentially believed to be one of the prominent structures of the Thai capital, it is today known for a history of deaths, drug trafficking and thefts only to name a few.

With the passage of time, people regarded the place with the name “Ghost Tower” considering the events which took place here. Many people also believe that being constructed on a former burial ground, the Sathorn Unique Tower is bound to bring failure and gloom to those who lived in the building. When the dead body of the Swedish tourist was found a few years back, the rumours of the Unique Tower being haunted heightened among the locals, contributing another event affirming the name "Ghost Tower”.

Inside Sathorn Unique Tower
Standng Water and Debris Inside Sathorn Unique Tower

Climb to the Top of Haunted Skyscraper

If you dare to gamble on your guts to enter and climb to the top of the Sathorn Unique Tower, your first roadblock will be to befriend the security guard chaired at the first floor of the building because the only two entrances are closed by stout metal gates, and that the keys to those gates lie with the guard. Once you go past those metal gates, chills may begin running down your spine, the place seems that much dark and spooky. Demonic graffiti on the walls, rusty iron bars popping out of the ground, falling debris and holes in the floor, you got to watch every step while climbing the Sathorn Unique Tower.

One thing which you may find convenient while climbing is the floor number spray painted on the wall near the staircase. Accordingly, you can track how far you have climbed, and how far you need to go. You need to be extremely careful and watchful for any strange sounds or events, especially at the 43rd Floor. This is because the 43rd Floor is the one where the dead body of the Swedish Backpacker was found hanging, and the same floor is believed to be haunted by many. However, once you reach the top floor of the abandoned tower, the panoramic view from there will definitely make you forget all the tiredness and spookiness associated with the place. All that will revolve in your mind will be the beauty of the city in front of you, and for which you came this much high!

View from Sathorn Unique Tower
Panoramic View from Sathorn Unique Tower

Exploring the Ghost Tower

Climbing the Sathorn Unique Tower, you will gradually get a feeling that reaching the top floor is similar to reaching the top of some mountain, the climb is that tiresome. While doing so, you need to look out for every step you put on the floor. Climbing the tower requires immense stamina, and a considerable amount of water and snacks as well to fuel your body for reaching the top floor. Though you can reach up to the 8th Floor without much pain, climbing further would require efforts, not to forget the exploring you will be doing while on the go.

Even while exploring one floor after the other, it is advised that for your safety, stay away from the balconies, elevator shafts and dark, unlit passages and floors. You also need to distance yourselves from the traces of standing water and electrical wires found here and there throughout the building rooms and balconies. If coincidentally it is raining while you are present inside the building, you also need to look out for debris falling off the floors of the building.

Once you reach the top floor, the attractive graffiti on the walls and the mesmerizing view of Bangkok city will make up for all the fatigue you may experience. So, without wasting any time, you can grab your camera and start capturing the views of the city, especially the sunset view and the skyline of the city.

Sathorn Unique Tower
Graffiti on the top floor of Sathorn Unique Tower

History of the Haunted Skyscraper

Architecture & Design of Sathorn Unique Tower

During your visit to the Sathorn Unique Tower, you will agree to the fact that the place is unique in itself. Just like its sister building, the State Tower, the Sathorn Unique Tower also deploys neo-Grecian elements. Evidence of the same can clearly be observed simply by looking at the columns and balconies of the building.

Present day, one can clearly observe traces of unfinished interior works inside the building, works which never got completed due to its shutdown back in 1997. This led to the abandonment of Sathorn Unique Tower, a building which is still believed to be a gem in the towering skyline of Bangkok due to its remarkable architecture and secure structural design.


1. Carry ample amount of food, water and lighting devices with you during your visit to the tower
2. Avoid going near the elevator shafts, balconies and holes in the ground
3. Avoid contact with any rusty metal or electrical wires present on the abandoned floors of the building
4. Avoid staying at the building till late night hours due to safety reasons
5. Carry your cell phones with a local number to reach out your emergency contacts in case of an accident or injury.

How To Reach Sathorn Unique Tower

The Sathorn Unique Tower is situated on the Sathon road in downtown Bangkok at a distance of around 2 Km east of the Sathon Pier Ferry Crossing. You can reach here by booking a taxi or renting a vehicle. If you want to taste the public transportation of Bangkok city, you can hop on to the Tuk-Tuk vehicles roaming on the roads, and ask them to drop you at or close to the building. While hiring the taxi may cost you a fortune, reaching the place via Tuk-Tuk is more suitable for those who want to travel cheaply.

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