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Timings : 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Time Required : 2-3 hours

Entry Fee : Adult: THB 400
Child: THB 200

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Erawan waterfall, Kanchanaburi Overview

The ultimately famous, Erawan Waterfall is a seven-tiered waterfall is tucked deep inside the Erawan National Park in Kanchanaburi, Thailand. The alluring beauty of this waterfall has made it a favourite spot of backpackers and is also the main reason why people pay a visit to this national park. The burst of greenery with the Erawan Falls in the centre form a mind-blowing landscape. Hence, a great place to test the photography skills and get some utterly fascinating Instagram worthy pictures.

Another appealing fact about Erawan Waterfall is its name which it owes to the three-headed white elephant in Hindu mythology. Why? Because the top tier of Erawan Waterfall is believed to look like the elephant's head. A mix of adventurous and soothing beauty, the waterfall deserves a visit when in Kanchanaburi.

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Trekking Through the 7 Tiers of Erawan Waterfalls

The 1500 m waterfall running through the intense rainforest calls for some adventure. It has seven tiers, each step having its own name and feature. The trail to the Erawan Waterfall is easy yet slightly tough as each tier is slightly higher than the preceding one. 
  • The very first tier, Hlai Keun Lang has comparatively easy access. It is a straight walk from the car parking area.
  • Witness tiny little fishes swimming carefree in the ponds formed by the water flow. After soaking the legs and having a playful time with fishes, move to the next tier - Wung Macha. The path gets steeper and takes one to the second tier which is often the busiest during summers as people swim their way out from the scorching heat. Also, a small cave under the waterfall makes it all the more scenic. 
  • Pha Nam Tok, the third tier can be reached by a 50 m hike from the second tier. This one is slightly taller than the prior ones, having a height of 20 m. It has a huge pond full of fishes. Sit beside the refreshing waters, relax for a bit.
  • After that, walk towards the fourth and the fifth tier of the Erawan Waterfall. Featuring small pores and ponds, the two are surrounded with heavy rock formations. Owing to the thick vegetation cover of the national park, different species of flora can be spotted here.
  • The trail gets tougher post the fifth tier. It takes some good amount of effort for one to cross the sixth tier in order to reach the final and the highest tier. Ropes and rickety ladders come to the rescue and helpscomplete the whole trek to the seventh tier known as Phu Phu Erawan.
  • The sixth step is a multi-level cascade of water, alluring enough to make one plunge into it without even giving it a thought.
  • The final tier which resembles the shape of a three-headed elephant from Hindu mythology, Erawan, looks magnificent. 

Things to Do at Erawan Falls

Exploring the Caves
The Erawan National Park is home to some ancient caves that might fall on the way to the waterfall. Mi Cave, Phartat Cave, Reua Cave, and Ta Duang Cave are the four caves worth visiting. 

Wildlife Spotting
As the waterfall is tucked inside a dense forest, the chances of spotting some wildlife is high. These may include serpent eagles, wild boar, water monitor lizards, blue whistling thrush, macaques, dark necked tailorbird, elephants and more. Be prepared with camera while walking on the trails. 

Best Time to Visit

The Erawan Waterfall is a renowned place among both the locals and the tourists, hence is highly crowded on weekends. It is preferable to visit early in the morning during the weekdays.

Also, the fall has less water during the summer season making it look comparatively less attractive. It is advisable to visit here just after the monsoons (September-December) when the water is at its full flow, creating a breathtaking sight.


  • Do not litter! One needs to register and pay a deposit of THB 20 to the Park Rangers for each bottle one carries inside the park. On returning the bottle, the amount deposited is refunded.
  • Carry swimwear to plunge into the natural pools.
  • Carry some protein bars and mosquito repellants.

How To Reach Erawan waterfall

By Train- The closest railway station to Erawan Falls in Bangkok is Thonburi Train Station. From here, hire a private taxi directly to the Erawan National Park where the waterfall is located.

By Bus- The buses operate regularly from Kanchanaburi Bus Station to Erawan Waterfall. A single trip to the falls costs THB 50. Buses from this station start their operations at 8:00 in the morning. And, the last bus that departs from the waterfall to Kanchanaburi is at 5:00 PM.

If coming from Bangkok, first reach Bangkok’s Southern Bus Terminal. From here ,BKS Public Buses, line 81, leave for Kanchanaburi every 15-20 minutes. It takes around two hours to reach Kanchanaburi followed by hiring a taxi or taking a local bus to the waterfall. 

By Car- Renting a personal car to drive along the beaches of Thailand is a great idea. One can also hire a private taxi from Bangkok to Waterfall costing around THB 3600 for a round trip.

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