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This temple is considered as one of the most beautiful shiva temples around the country. The beautiful statues of Lord Shiva and Lord Ganapathi are a major attraction for all the devotees visiting the temple. The temple is known for its well-maintenance and regular festivities being organised for the devotees for them to indulge in the worship of Lord Shiva, who is considered as one of the major gods in Southern India.

Marked by a 65ft tall figurine of Lord Shiva carved in white marble, and placed in an artificial pool of water symbolising Lord Shiva's natural habitat, this place is a beautiful pilgrimage centre for all the devotees of Lord Shiva. Lord Ganapathi is also worshipped in the premise of the temple and regular aarti and chanting of mantras are done by the priests.

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This temple is pretty much different from other Shiva Temples around the country for one major reason, the architecture of the temple. The builders of the temple attempted to show Lord Shiva in his natural habitat by constructing a huge monolith of the God in white Marble, around 65 ft. tall, surrounded by small rocks and mounds, depicting the Himalayas and Mount Kailasa. The figurine sits in a large artificial pool of water to imitating the rivers of Mount Kailasa. The entrance of the mandir is marked with a 25 ft. tall Shiva Linga, symbolizing the sacred form of the deity. A navgraha temple is also present inside the premise, depicting the nine planets off the solar system and their journey through time.

Various activities and rituals are carried out in the temple for the devotees. Special Bhajans, aartis, Abhishek of the Linga with Milk and flowers, and havans are the few rituals carried out at a regular interval. A huge celebration is held on the occasion of Maha Shivratri, for the followers to indulge in the prayers and worship at the temple. Various other rituals like lighting a Diya, or tying a thread and asking god to solve their problems are also performed by the devotees visiting the temple.

1. You should be aware of the people asking money in order to gain entry into the temple or for the sake of performing other rituals.

2. You should prefer to go on Monday and attend the aarti, which witness a lot of people coming to worship Lord Shiva on his day of the week.

Located at the Old airport road, the place can be accessed by auto rickshaws and cabs from any part of the city.

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Shiva Temple Reviews

3 months ago by Gaurav Gulati

Go to this place as a tourist spot not temple. ******Note--- Darshan are completely FREE ******* I went yesterday 6August'18. Entry and Darshan to temple are completely free.There is a even board at entrance which mentions the same. But two FOOLISH ladies at the entrance will force you to buy tickets each worth 250 and would say entry is only free till passage.Bash them and they will let you in.Those are their marketing tactics and they are sitting just to fool you and make money.Damnit

4 months ago by Suriya Suriya

People are making money and thinking people are fool who visit the temple. Very worst. Concern department must take immediate action on this

10 months ago by Pramod Gaikwad

It is not free. Temple outside, Cheaters Inside. ! Worst Ever Darshan I had! It is a First ever Business Temple in world. Everyones attitude including Poojari, is like business person. Below are points. 1. We knew it was free, but at the entrace 2 women forced us to take 150 Rs that too per head. And that ticket is for 10 different types of Aartis and some pooja's. It is forceful. Otherwise they will not allow inside. So i had to pay 300 Rs for 2 people. 2. Those ladies treat us like , we are idiots coming to darshan, and talk very unprofessionally. Dont stand here, Dont come here, Go that side. 3. Behind me, 5 college students came, and while entering , those ladies forced them to charge 450 for 3 people and for other 2 people they did not allow inside. I felt bad for college guys. It is forceful business. 4. Trustme , it is bullshit, They have made caves , through which you have to go and see some bullshit automatic machines ringing bells/opening closing , Small shiva murthy going up and down. These bas***s are making money in the name of god , by making people fool. 5. They forcefully asked 4 old women to hold aarti's infront of big shiva statue, just because owner had come, they wanted to please owner by this view, they treat Devotees as showpeice for their owner. And just because of owner, almost atleast 20-25 minutes, they asked us to wait holding aartis forcefully, they will say , do not keep it down or any where just do aarti. To some old women, they were pinching and asking them to do aarti , those old women were getting pain of holding aarti. Bas***ds. 6. We should bring this to News media. One day, these fu**ers will be brought in very bad light. 7. During entire darshan, i was boiling and getting angry, not because of money, because the way they cheating,lieing , forcing, treating people.. 8. Poojari, said it is free, then he said, no no i do not know . I am new , you have to pay 150 Rs. Bluffing. 9. I talked to that manager, he tells as if he does not know anything, he says he will take action on them. But one time, they will pay huge for this bullshit.

10 months ago by Anjini Jadhav

People are making money in the name of Lard Shiva. Please concerned deportment need to take an action also get the upto date money collection details.

10 months ago by Vivek Bharti

It's business in name of temple. Don't go there. My advice is to visit temples at Malleshwaram, they are far better.

10 months ago by Naveen Bala

Waste of money. 150 for dharshan. Siva statue is better.

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